Highest quality industrial building, turn-key solutions, perfectly build and close to all of your needs.

AKNO Business Parks designs and constructs state-of- the-art industrial logistical complexes that meet the needs of global and local clients. The Group offers logistical solutions under both leasing and ownership contracts. AKNO’s large network allows the Firm to respond effectively to the needs of all customers and to build excellent infrastructures around the world. A dynamic company that ensures reliability and total commitment.

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AKNO Business Parks: now you can aim for the best.

Imagine logistical complexes, warehouses and distribution centers all within one complex. A business park is not just a convenient and reliable solution, but a long-term investment. A system of quality infrastructure offers vast advantages to a business, allowing it to stay ahead of competition, improve its brand and motivate employees and partners. To build commercial parks, it is essential to follow a precise philosophy and AKNO Business Parks has its mission in its name.

Why choose a Business Park

Aree Verdi

Green areas

Aree Ristoro

Refreshment areas

Sorveglianza 24H

24H surveillance

Totale Recinzione

Completely fenced off

Pannelli Solari

Solar panels

Riciclo Acqua Piovana

Rainwater recycling

An oasis full of services and efficiency

Be amazed by the sun filled interiors and impeccable finishes. Streets are lined with trees, gardens and fountains provide special allure to your next offices. The green spaces, restaurants, hotels, pools and all of the useful services transform an industrial complex into a Business Park. Every Business Park offers exclusive services, composed of high design architecture. The area is completely fenced off and access is permitted only through a single main entrance where 24-hours security warrants safety and tranquility.

The Business Parks are made, designed and constructed to minimize their environmental impact: energy efficiency is a guiding principle for the design team of AKNO Business Parks. By using solar panels, rainwater recycling structures and irrigation and fire sprinkler systems, it is possible to control and monitor the water consumption and maintain it at the lowest levels. The buildings are equipped with fully automatic ESFR sprinkler systems, in compliance with laws and security codes; additionally, there are certified smoke detectors (REI 120 standard). The warehouses in the business parks are high enough to ensure the optimal use of all spaces: 50% of the surface is left to wide open areas to facilitate loading and unloading operations.

Every Business Park offers exclusive services, composed of high design architecture. The area is completely fenced off and access is permitted only through a single main entrance where 24-hours security warrants safety and tranquility.

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Business Park: a choice for the future

Innovazione Akno


Our innovative techniques allow for complete customization of our buildings, to fully satisfy all of our customers’ needs.


Through the use of the most modern materials and an absolute attention to details, our projects are built with high-quality standards and are impeccably finished to guarantee maximum visual impact.

Environmentally conscious

Technologies oriented in the bio space that maintain sustainability at heart. Care for the environment as a mode to safeguard the community.

After sales services

AKNO’s Management Team provides the client with a single point of contact for all needs within the building, including maintenance and repairs. From the moment the project is delivered, AKNO Management offers services ranging from safety to daily maintenance, cleaning and gardening. Safety, qualityflexibility and speed are at the core of the company’s philosophy, unequivocal principles with which AKNO Management ensures it is always active and attentive.

Talent Made in Italy: italian design and engineering

The expertise, engineering and professionalism of AKNO Business Parks are based strictly on Italian tradition and qualitative research. All of our facilities are built exclusively with materials ‘Made in Italy’, in order to deliver a perfect product in value and time.

Durable materials, uncompromising quality

AKNO Business Parks does not simply offer an excellent product: all of our efforts are focused on exceeding expectations and providing uncompromising quality. Customer satisfaction is the true “core business” of the company. Technical expertise is not enough; quality, heart and strength are our pillars.

Choosing AKNO means choosing a partner of excellence

A wide portfolio of blue-chip clients endorses daily the advantages of partnering with AKNO. Highest design quality, perfect execution and strong commitment.


Winner in the Special Commendation category, Akno confirmed itself as the best suppliers for excellence, commitment and continued support.


Winner of the first edition of the supplier awards in 2011 in the middle east, southern Europe and Africa.