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Operating in the real estate market for over 50 years, both in the industrial and commercial sectors

The AKNO Group operates globally in the real estate market, providing construction and development services for both industrial and commercial projects.

Today, AKNO Business Parks is leader in the development and construction of industrial and logistical projects globally.

AKNO Energy centers on the production of green energy.

AKNO Hotels operates in the tourism and hotel industry.

AKNO Engineering & Construction specializes in the development and construction of turn-key projects.

AKNO Management Services offers its professional expertise to private and institutional investors, hedge funds, private equity firms, financial intermediaries and anyone who requires our skills in managing their real estate portfolio.




The AKNO Group specialises in providing customised industrial and logistics solutions, projects created to meet the most specific needs of the most diverse customers. We currently have several spaces available for rent within our Business Parks, either already operational or under construction.

Discover all the details and opportunities AKNO Business Parks offers your business by clicking on the location you want to know more about, we are sure you will find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Contact us for information or to book a visit to our available spaces.

Since 1971, choosing AKNO Group has meant choosing professionalism, reliability and reliability.

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What is a Business Park?

What is a business park?

The evolution of corporate logistics

In recent years, the logistics and freight transport sector has undergone a radical transformation, with a shift from in-house warehousing management to a focus on external receiving, storage and shipping areas. This change is due to the increased need for efficiency and speed in logistics operations and has led to the creation of more and more state-of-the-art facilities:    Read more...


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Environment, Social, Governance

Today, environmental impact, social issues, and corporate governance are increasingly important in investment choices. AKNO Group, in its over 50 years, has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate a consistent commitment to the environment, social responsibility, and good governance.

The Group fully integrates ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) factors into every aspect of its work to ensure sustainable and ethical development of its projects.

Choosing AKNO Group means making the right choice for the future of our planet and future generations.


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