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Operating in the real estate market for over 50 years, both in the industrial and commercial sectors

The AKNO Group operates globally in the real estate market, providing construction and development services for both industrial and commercial projects.

Today, AKNO Business Parks is leader in the development and construction of industrial and logistical projects globally.

AKNO Energy centers on the production of green energy.

AKNO Hotels operates in the tourism and hotel industry.

AKNO Engineering & Construction specializes in the development and construction of turn-key projects.

AKNO Management Services offers its professional expertise to private and institutional investors, hedge funds, private equity firms, financial intermediaries and anyone who requires our skills in managing their real estate portfolio.


AKNO Group offers tailor-made industrial and logistics solutions tailored to the Client’s requirements, and
also offers space for lease within Business Parks already under construction, among which you can find the
perfect solution for your needs.
Click on the location you are interested in to find out all the details and opportunities AKNO Business Parks
offers your business.

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AKNO Group at the forefront of the high-tech prefabricated sector

High-tech prefabricated panels: how to choose the best ones for your industrial hall

If you are thinking of building or renovating an industrial shed, you know that one of the most important aspects to consider is the choice of materials to use. Of the various options available, prefabricated panels are an increasingly popular solution for their quality, strength, insulation and sustainability. But how do you choose the prefabricated panels best suited to your    Read more...


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