Discover all the articles of AKNO, a leading company in the building sector and, in particular, in the creation of business parks in which facilities for logistics, hotels, offices, business premises and green areas are integrated.

AKNO also pays particular attention to the environment, following the LEED philosophy, with a continuous search for new solutions for energy, water supply and waste treatment.

Even in the management of large real estate and industrial assets, AKNO makes use of its experience and professionalism that distinguishes it.

What is a logistics or business park?

19 July 2019

A fully-developed area for industrial logistics Until recently, the main challenge for company logistics was the management of internal warehouses. Today, however, with the advent and development of automation and the diverse logistics solutions that have been designed and implemented to optimise the flow of raw...

AN Hotel Milano Sud Melegnano

Hospitality in the gateway to Milan

04 July 2019

The importance and risks of business travel Business trips not only mean working and having meetings in different places or visiting production plants but also having an experience that, although very important for the company and its image, can also become also a source of stress...


Investing in biogas

01 May 2019

AKNO and environmental protection AKNO is not only a construction and property management company, famous for its newly developed business parks, but is also part of the world economic fabric that fights for environmental protection. In fact, we believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to do everything...

Business Park Settala

AKNO business parks: success stories

06 March 2019

More than forty years of experience The AKNO Group was founded in 1971 and immediately became a leading company in the construction sector, specialising in the creation and management of high-value integrated industrial and logistical projects. In this article we will focus on AKNO's business parks...

Trasferte di lavoro in pieno relax negli Hotel AKNO

The importance of hospitality on business trips

09 February 2019

Why do people go on business trips? Despite the widespread availability of videoconferencing technologies, which allow you to connect quickly with anyone anywhere in the world while staying comfortably in your office, they do not appear to be decreasing the number of business trips made in...

Patrimionio immobiliare

The management of real estate assets with AKNO

05 February 2019

Property Management The management of real estate assets, especially large ones, usually owned by foundations, banks, insurance companies or institutional investors, has always been of key importance in our economic history. Indeed, owning a large number of properties, perhaps even intended for all sorts of different...

Architettura sostenibile e risparmio energetico

Sustainable architecture and energy saving

22 January 2019

For a few decades now, one of the undeniable objectives for quality architecture, increasingly, is to construct buildings that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing, but also have a low impact on our surrounding environment. This trend, generically called sustainable architecture, is expressed in various...

AKNO Energy: renewable energy for the construction sector

11 January 2019

What is renewable energy? When we talk about energy, especially now that environmental sensitivity is widespread at every level and, despite some resistance, is influencing economic and industrial choices, we often hear about renewable energy sources. This definition is not entirely specific, even though it is widely used....

Property management: professional property management

10 January 2019

Property management and facility management: two perspectives for real estate management Although they are often confused, the two terms property management and facility management indicate two types of property management that are very different from each other, both in terms of the type of professional...