AKNO For Life Foundation:

Mission: solidarity

The AKNO For Life Foundation was created by the Group as an international charitable organization. The Group’s Founder, a patron of philanthropic causes, has created the AKNO For Life in honor of his family to assit those in needs.

The Foundation focuses on building orphanages, schools and hospitals to help the most vulnerable: children.

The AKNO For Life Foundation’s efforts center around ensuring the proper physical and mental development of children. For this reason, the Foundation focuses on the research for developmental childhood issues, whether physical or psychological, in addition to caring for youth that have suffered traumas or have been born with serious pathologies and deformities. Our mission also cares for mothers, facing economic and health problems.

From its commitment to education and health, the AKNO For Life Foundation works with experts in the medical, educational and developmental fields. This has allowed us to promptly reach our initial goals and has given us the opportunity of expanding our scope of work. In the past few years, the Foundation has built orphanages, hospitals and schools and today it remains committed on its future endeavors.

Houssein Nouhi

The Foundation was founded in honor of the Founder’s family, which has always made solidarity a primary objective.