Ortofin consolidates its collaboration with AKNO Business Parks.

06 November 2017

We are proud to announce that Ortofin, company in the FinIper group, has consolidated its relationship with AKNO Business Parks, stipulating a rental contract for another building at the Business Park in Settala (Milan) – Via Buozzi. The FinIper S.p.A. Group is a leading company...

Another important client chooses AKNO Business Parks.

05 November 2017

AKNO Business Parks and HDS S.p.A. have signed a rental contract for a newly constructed building at the new Business Park in Stradella, in the province of Pavia. HDS S.p.A., company that is part of the Gruppo Palladio Finanziaria S.p.A., works with a group of...

New important client for the Business Park in Settala (Mi).

14 October 2010

A new important client chose our building for a new Italian center. The Ortofin company of the FinIper S.p.A. Group has signed a rental contract for the new building named “Lotto 4” of the Business Park in Settala (Milan) – via delle Industrie. The loyal answer...