Turn-key solutions

Through AKNO Engineering & Construction, the Group functions as a general contractor. Any architectural project is transformed into reality, by responding to customers’ needs and offering turn-key solutions.

AKNO Engineering & Construction specializes in the design and construction of “turnkey” buildings in the industrial, logistics and commercial sectors, as well as the hotel industry. By being both designers and builders, we are able to guarantee the quality of our products and respond promptly to all customers desires.

AKNO Engineering & Construction offers a comprehensive service throughout the project, from construction to delivery. The Company commits to provide its clients with the outmost dedication, by operating in a timely manner, while minimizing costs and maximizing quality. The competences and know-how of our team are at the service of our partners to bring concrete responses to the needs of the end-users.

AKNO Truccazzano

AKNO Truccazzano Video

For this reason, AKNO Engineering & Construction pays particular care and attention to the due diligence process, including preliminary analysis, feasibility studies and financial models. Our large team of professionals and skilled labor is able to provide answers to any specific problem.

The owners benefit from the project through a full range of services; a dedicated department will monitor the progress of the development in the most optimal way.