AKNO Group, a pioneer in the field of customised industrial and logistics solutions, is strongly committed to offering a diverse range of services to customers. The Group is distinguished by its ability to provide customised solutions according to specific customer requirements, making each project unique and optimised.

In addition, AKNO Group offers the possibility of renting space within its Business Parks, which are already at an advanced stage of construction. These facilities have been designed with great care to ensure maximum functionality and efficiency. Each Business Park has its own characteristics that make it unique and suitably adaptable to the customer’s specific needs.

The AKNO Business Park universe offers a wide range of opportunities. Regardless of whether you are looking for a flexible space for logistics or a sophisticated environment for industrial operations, AKNO Business Park has something to offer all sectors, with a focus on the industrial and logistics sector. Each location is carefully selected and developed with the future needs of the market in mind.

Click on the location you are interested in to find out all the details. You will get to know the various opportunities that AKNO Business Parks can offer your business. We are sure that you will find the perfect solution for your needs among the many proposed by AKNO Group.

Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your business with AKNO Group, your reliable partner that is revolutionising the tailor-made industrial and logistics solutions sector!