AKNO Suisse


In the history of Switzerland

For over 40 years, the AKNO Group has been operating in the Swiss market by investing and restoring historic buildings.

At first, AKNO Swiss purchased Palazzo Chiattone and promptly started a complex restitution process, which brought the Palazzo back to its original splendors.

The Group has also bought and restored Palazzo Serenella, the former HQ of the Amaro Giuliani.

As a show of its commitment to the arts and culture, AKNO donated to the City of Lugano the prominent 1901 statue of the Master Antonio Chiattone, which portrays the famous Austrian Princess Sissi.

Within the next year, we expect to start developing a new residential project in the Stabio area, which will be comprised of luxury apartments and commercial spaces.

Finally, the construction of a new futuristic residential project will begin next year, which will redevelop the Stabio area thanks to private apartments, hotels and prestigious commercial areas.

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