AKNO Italia


50 years experience

The AKNO Group was founded over fifty years ago in Italy.
Since, AKNO Italia distinguished itself for the development of moderninnovative and esthetically beautiful Business Parks that brought to Italy and the industry a new concept for the industrial complex.

Upon decades of success, AKNO Italia branched out and created AKNO Energy and AKNO Hotels. The first, focuses on the production of green energy through biogas and solar panels; the latter, operates in the hospitality industry and has already built and opened two locations, both within the Group’s business parks.

Today, AKNO Italia continues its growth by focusing on innovative projects currently under development, like the brand new AKNO Milano 3 Multifunctional Center, a complex with a net floor area of 17,000 m² located in one of the most important financial centers of Milan, a few minutes from the city center.