AKNO Canada


Investments that make history

2006 marked an important year for the Group’s international expansion. Not only we entered the USA, but also the Canadian market with a series of significant investments in the office buildings sector through our local company, AKNO Enterprises Ltd.

In line with the founder’s vision and passion for the arts, over the years the AKNO Group has invested and restored historical properties that represent an important icon in the heritage of a city as well as its population. One of the most refined property in AKNO’s portfolio is the Canada Building, a spectacular Art Deco 14-story office tower built in 1928 in the heart of downtown Windsor, Ontario.

The dedication to arts and culture, intrinsic to AKNO’s DNA, is fueling the Group’s global expansion, as it is constantly looking for iconic properties that have marked not only the history of Canada but also of the rest of the world.