Precision, efficiency and safety are our competitive advantages.

The AKNO Group was founded in 1971 and in the past fifty years, with the division AKNO Business Parks, has operated in the real estate industry; today it is a leading force in the development and management of industrial and logistical projects world-wide.

Through the years, the Group has been able to respond to technological and engineering advances by investing its know-how in innovative approaches. The assets developed by AKNO are built with the highest quality and technological standards. Numerous projects have been recognized internationally, as we continue to work under a specific principle: add value by building a comfortable and safe environment for our clients and users.

Under this mantra, the AKNO Group, through AKNO Energy, offers projects that are environmentally conscious and construct with the highest standards in efficiency and safety in order to promptly respond to the needs of the market, our clients and stakeholders.

Through AKNO Hotels, founded in recent years, the Group brings its multidisciplinary approach to the hospitality industry by offering customers a modern and comfortable environment.

Furthermore, we have also recently added two additional divisions, AKNO Engineering & Constructions and AKNO Management Services to satisfy the needs of our numerous clients.

Choosing AKNO means choosing a partner of excellence

A wide portfolio of blue-chip clients endorses daily the advantages of partnering with AKNO. Highest design quality, perfect execution and strong commitment.


Winner in the Special Commendation category, Akno confirmed itself as the best suppliers for excellence, commitment and continued support.


Winner of the first edition of the supplier awards in 2011 in the middle east, southern Europe and Africa.

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