What is a Business Park?

Written by AKNO Group

Jun 20, 2024

AKNO Group Business Parks

What is a business park?

The evolution of corporate logistics

In recent years, the logistics and freight transport sector has undergone a radical transformation, with a shift from in-house warehousing management to a focus on external receiving, storage and shipping areas. This change is due to the increased need for efficiency and speed in logistics operations and has led to the creation of more and more state-of-the-art facilities: business parks.


The distinctive elements of a logistics park

The logistics park or business park represents the new frontier for companies wishing to optimise their supply chain. These complexes, equipped with a single access point monitored 24 hours a day, are not just simple storage locations. Rather, they are true logistics cities where, in addition to modern warehouses and management offices, there are hotels, restaurants, green areas and relaxation facilities such as swimming pools and shopping centres, all managed with high quality standards.


The added value of quality, design and efficiency

Investing in a business park means focusing on three fundamental elements:

  • construction quality
  • logistical efficiency
  • the valorisation of design


Quality encompasses the functionality, safety and sustainability of the work, where care for the environment plays a crucial role. Design, on the other hand, serves to strengthen brand identity, making the business park a place where working becomes stimulating and rewarding. Logistical efficiency, managed through meticulous maintenance and the use of advanced technologies, guarantees economic sustainability over time.


Why rely on AKNO for the realisation of a business park

Choosing a partner like AKNO Group to build its logistics park implies a commitment to excellence in every respect. AKNO is distinguished by its use of innovative technologies, Italian design and an approach geared towards environmental sustainability. These factors, together with efficient project management, provide a superior working environment that stimulates productivity and supports the company’s growth in the global market.


AKNO Group: a fully integrated approach

Choosing AKNO Group means investing in a high-quality logistics park and also relying on competent management of the entire process. From planning to implementation, through to maintenance and surveillance of the facilities, AKNO provides a comprehensive service that allows companies to concentrate on their core business, safe in the knowledge that they are operating in a space optimised for their needs.


In a global economy where speed and efficiency in the handling of goods are paramount, business parks represent an invaluable resource for companies. Facilities such as those built by AKNO Group meet these needs and take logistics to a higher level, where attention to well-being, energy efficiency and elegant design come together to create innovative and stimulating work environments. In this context, choosing AKNO Group means choosing a partner with a forward-looking vision, capable of combining functionality, sustainability and beauty in every project realised.


What does a logistics park or business park offer?

AKNO Group’s business park FAQ


What is an AKNO logistics park?

An AKNO logistics park is a well-organised and secure area designed to optimise logistics and goods transport operations. It includes storage sheds, management offices, green areas, staff facilities such as restaurants and hotels, and relaxation facilities.


What advantages does an AKNO logistics park offer?

Benefits include efficiency in shipping and receiving goods, high quality working environments, increased security through access control and a significant reduction in the time needed for logistics operations.


To whom is the AKNO logistics park service addressed?

It is aimed at all companies that need to optimise their supply chain and wish to improve their logistical efficiency, from manufacturing companies to large international e-commerce stores to start-ups that need flexible space for growth.


Is the AKNO logistics park sustainable?

Yes, sustainability is one of AKNO’s priorities. The parks are designed with technologies aimed at reducing energy consumption and lowering environmental impacts. AKNO Group promotes green construction and the use of renewable energy, giving the customer a wide range of choices to have a space with a low environmental impact.


Can I customise the space in my AKNO logistics park?

Absolutely. AKNO offers flexible solutions that can be customised to the specific space and functional requirements of the client company, ensuring perfect alignment with their operational needs.


How can I contact AKNO for more information?

For more information on AKNO logistics parks and to request advice, you can visit the AKNO website and fill in the contact form, or send an email to servizio.clienti@aknogroup.com


Contact AKNO Group today

To develop the most suitable business park for your business, do not hesitate to contact AKNO Group, your trusted partner for the construction of turnkey business parks and industrial sites. Our team of experts is at your disposal to provide customised advice and solutions tailored to your specific needs.


By choosing AKNO Group as your partner, you will be entrusting yourself to an industry leader that will provide you with the support and solutions you need to develop your business, along with the advantage of integrated design and turnkey construction. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a tailor-made, sustainable, state-of-the-art industrial environment!

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