AKNO Casatisma Business Park, the new logistics hub that will create 200 jobs in the area

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Jun 11, 2024

Rendering di AKNO Casatisma Business Park, in provincia di Pavia, business park in via di realizzazione

Context and importance of logistics in Casatisma

Casatisma is a small town in the province of Pavia, Lombardy, North Italy. This small village is about to become a crucial reference point in the logistics sector, thanks to the ambitious AKNO Casatisma Business Park project. This initiative aims to position Casatisma at the centre of Northern Italy’s logistics routes, taking advantage of its strategic location and accessibility to major transport arteries.


The point on negotiations between the municipality and AKNO Group

Negotiations between the Municipality of Casatisma and AKNO Group, a leader in logistics and industrial parks, have spanned five years. This dialogue led to the signing of an agreement to build a 70,000 square metre state-of-the-art logistics centre, demonstrating the joint commitment to local economic development.


Expected impact on the local labour market

The project not only promises to revolutionise the region’s logistics sector, but is also expected to generate significant job opportunities for the residents of Casatisma and surrounding areas, with the creation of around 200 jobs.


AKNO Group’s logistics project in Casatisma

The decision to reduce the area initially planned for the project, due to its proximity to the Palazzo Mezzabarba, a protected historical building, did not deter the developers. The new centre will be built close to the motorway tollgate, minimising the impact on the surrounding areas and preserving the landscape by means of significant tree planting around the site.


In addition to the construction of the logistics hub, AKNO Group is committed to carrying out significant public works for the community, including a large roundabout at the entrance to the motorway, a new access to the village, a junction for traffic heading for the logistics hub, the resurfacing of the Milan-Genoa road, a car park in front of the post office, and the removal of asbestos from the roofs of the former Bettaglio furnace. In addition, AKNO Group will contribute EUR 1 million for urbanisation charges and other works in the public interest.


The municipality obtained a commitment from AKNO Group to prioritise local recruitment, providing a significant opportunity for the residents of Casatisma and neighbouring municipalities. Building permits have already been applied for and work is expected to begin by the end of the summer.


The mayor of Casatisma, Arpesella, emphasised the care taken during the approval process, assuring that the logistics hub will represent a growth opportunity for Casatisma, while fully respecting the environment and landscape.

This project will not only bring new jobs and improve the local infrastructure, but also marks a significant step forward in the economic and social development of Casatisma and the entire province of Pavia.


Economic and employment impact

The analysis of the project’s employment impact highlights not only the creation of jobs, but also the quality of the opportunities offered, with a focus on the recruitment of local residents.

AKNO Group has reinforced its commitment to prioritise local hiring, a move that strengthens the link with the community and promotes the socio-economic development of Casatisma.

AKNO Group and the Municipality of Casatisma have adopted mitigation strategies and opened channels of dialogue with the community to address concerns and build a shared project.


Potential future developments of the Casatisma logistics hub

The AKNO Casatisma Business Park project is only the beginning of a long-term vision that could see further development and expansion of the logistics hub.


Long-term vision for the local economy

Investment in logistics is seen as a catalyst for the economic development of Casatisma, with potential benefits extending far beyond the logistics sector.


The role of logistics in the urban and industrial evolution of Casatisma

The construction of the logistics hub represents a key step in the urban and industrial evolution of Casatisma, positioning it as a major logistics hub in northern Italy.

The AKNO Casatisma Business Park project promises to bring significant economic, employment and infrastructure benefits to the Casatisma community.


Future prospects for Casatisma and the logistics sector

Casatisma‘s future as a major logistics hub opens up new perspectives for the logistics sector and the region’s economic development, promising a lasting positive impact.


FAQ AKNO Casatisma Business Park

What are the main advantages of the new logistics hub for the Casatisma community?

Benefits include job creation, improved public infrastructure and a significant boost to local economic development.


How will environmental concerns related to the project be handled?

Through mitigation measures, such as asbestos abatement and tree planting, and careful monitoring of the environmental impact.


What are the criteria for local recruitment at the new facility?

AKNO Group will give priority to residents of Casatisma and neighbouring areas, based on criteria of competence and professional qualification.


What measures have been taken to integrate the logistics hub into the local landscape?

The project includes tree planting and other landscaping initiatives to minimise the visual impact.


How can the logistics project influence the future economic development of Casatisma?

The logistics hub can attract further investment, promote innovation and generate a virtuous circle of economic and employment growth.


AKNO Casatisma Business Park



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