AKNO Telgate Business Park: logistics excellence with Notino

Written by AKNO Group

May 27, 2024

Panoramica aerea AKNO Telgate Business Park, progettato e realizzato a cura di AKNO Group

Notino business park in Telgate built by AKNO Group

We are in the province of Bergamo, one of Italy’s most important provinces from an economic point of view, in the heart of Lombardy. Today we are talking about the Notino warehouse in Telgate, which represents a benchmark for innovation in the warehouse logistics sector. This hub, developed by AKNO Group, stands out for its adoption of cutting-edge technology and its ability to efficiently respond to the needs of the rapidly evolving e-commerce market. The decision to locate the warehouse in AKNO Telgate’s business park is not random, but responds to a strategy aimed at optimising logistics flows, which is fundamental to guaranteeing rapid and customised deliveries to Notino‘s customers.


The importance of innovation and automation in modern logistics

The digital age has radically transformed the logistics sector, making innovation and automation no longer optional, but necessary. Notino’s intelligent warehouse in Telgate is a concrete example of how technology can be used to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Thanks to AKNO Group design, the warehouse uses automated systems for stock management and order preparation, reducing the margin of error and waiting times to a minimum.


AKNO Group’s role in logistics warehouse design

AKNO Group played a crucial role in the construction of Notino’s warehouse in Telgate, once again demonstrating its design expertise. The collaboration between Notino and AKNO Group is a virtuous example of how the synergy between e-commerce and warehouse logistics expertise can generate added value for companies and their customers.

The Notino warehouse in Telgate, with its focus on innovation and efficiency, is a role model for the future of logistics in the e-commerce sector. The partnership with AKNO Group has made it possible to create a logistics hub that not only meets current market requirements, but is also ready to adapt to future challenges in the sector.


Logistical challenges in the beauty e-commerce sector

The e-commerce beauty sector, with its rapid growth and wide range of product offerings, faces unprecedented logistical challenges. Efficient management of logistics flows becomes crucial to maintaining market competitiveness. Companies are faced with the complexity of managing thousands of references, while ensuring fast delivery and maximum customer satisfaction.


The need to reduce time to market

In a market characterised by high competition and increasingly demanding consumers, the ability to reduce time to market becomes a key success factor. Companies are forced to review their logistics strategies to speed up their shipping and delivery processes, reducing waiting times for the end customer.


Managing exponential growth in sales volumes

The explosion of online sales, particularly in the post-pandemic period, has led to an exponential increase in sales volumes. This increase has put existing logistics systems under pressure, highlighting the need for innovative solutions to effectively manage warehouse flows and ensure scalability of operations.

In this context, companies are faced with complex problems that require a strategic approach and the adoption of advanced technologies to optimise warehouse logistics. The challenge is to turn potential obstacles into growth opportunities, making the best use of available resources and anticipating market needs.


Impact of the pandemic on purchasing habits and logistics

The COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially accelerated the transition to e-commerce, radically changing consumers’ purchasing habits. This change has generated unprecedented pressure on logistics systems, requiring rapid adaptability to handle the increased volumes of online orders. Warehouse logistics faced the challenge of maintaining smooth operations despite global supply chain restrictions and disruptions.


The complexity of managing a wide range of products

The beauty sector, characterised by a vast assortment of products, made inventory management and order preparation particularly complex. The diversity of product sizes, shapes and storage requirements has imposed the need for highly sophisticated logistics solutions. The efficient management of these logistical flows requires advanced intelligent warehouse systems capable of optimising storage and picking in a precise and timely manner.


The pressure of seasonal peaks and the Christmas super peak

Peak season periods, in particular the Christmas super peak, present an additional challenge for e-commerce logistics. During these periods, order volumes can increase dramatically, putting a strain on the operational capacity of warehouses. The need to ensure on-time deliveries, even under extreme workload conditions, requires careful planning and the use of state-of-the-art logistics technology.

In this scenario, the ability to quickly adapt to fluctuations in demand and effectively manage logistics flows becomes essential to ensure service continuity and customer satisfaction. The complexity and pressure resulting from these factors amplify the problems already existing in the e-commerce logistics sector, highlighting the need for innovative and scalable solutions.


Creation of a dedicated logistics hub for Southern Europe

The implementation of a dedicated logistics hub for Southern Europe, strategically located in AKNO Telgate‘s business park, was Notino‘s breakthrough in meeting the logistics challenges amplified by the exponential growth of beauty e-commerce. This decision made it possible to centralise operations, optimising logistics flows and ensuring more efficient management of increasing sales volumes.

L'ingresso di AKNO Telgate Business Park

AKNO Telgate Business Park


AKNO Group’s contribution to the realisation of the automated warehouse

AKNO Group, with its consolidated experience in designing advanced logistics solutions for international business parks, played a key role in the realisation of Notino‘s automated warehouse. The collaboration led to the creation of an intelligent warehouse equipped with the latest technology for automated inventory management and order preparation. This has meant not only a significant improvement in the speed and accuracy of order handling, but also a reduction in errors and an increase in customer satisfaction.


Details on the innovative logistics platform and its features

The business park platform dedicated to logistics, developed by AKNO Group for Notino, is distinguished by a number of innovative features that make it a reference model in the sector:

  • Advanced automation: use of robotic systems for picking and packing orders, which increase efficiency by reducing processing times.
  • Intelligent inventory management: Implementation of warehouse management software (WMS) for precise, real-time inventory control.
  • Optimisation of logistics flows: design of spaces and work areas to minimise internal movements and speed up warehouse operations.
  • Sustainability: integration of environmentally sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of logistics activities.

The realisation of this logistics hub by AKNO Group, in which Notino then implemented the best technologies for its business, not only solved the problems related to peak demand management and the need to reduce time to market, but also laid the foundations for future scalability, capable of adapting to the evolution of the e-commerce market, as this will undoubtedly continue to grow in the European and global landscape.

The solution adopted through the partnership with AKNO Group has enabled Notino to turn logistical challenges into opportunities, significantly improving operational efficiency and putting the company in a position of competitive advantage in the beauty e-commerce sector.


Advantages for Notino customers thanks to the new warehouse

The implementation of Notino’s new logistics hub in the AKNO Telgate Business Park has led to significant customer benefits. Reduced delivery times, thanks to optimised logistics flows and advanced automation, have improved the online shopping experience, making Notino even more competitive in the beauty e-commerce market. Customers now benefit from faster shipping and impeccable order processing accuracy.


Improvements in delivery service and order customisation

The AKNO Group design has enabled Notino to introduce significant improvements in its delivery service, with the ability to offer more flexible and customised options to customers. The intelligent warehouse also supports advanced order customisation management, allowing Notino‘s customers to receive tailor-made packages enriched with free samples or personalised messages, further enhancing the shopping experience.


Video AKNO Telgate Business Park


Future prospects and potential developments

Notino’s logistics hub in Telgate is not only a solution to current challenges, but also an investment in the future. The scalability and flexibility of the logistics platform will allow Notino to quickly adapt to emerging trends in the e-commerce market and explore new business opportunities. Furthermore, the adoption of sustainable technologies and a commitment to eco-friendly business practices pave the way for continuous innovation in line with corporate social responsibility standards.

Notino‘s offer, enriched by the partnership with AKNO Group and the opening of the warehouse in Telgate, positions itself at the forefront of the beauty e-commerce sector, promising its customers not only quality products, but also an impeccable, fast and personalised logistical service. These improvements represent a significant step towards Notino’s goal of exceeding customer expectations and further consolidating its position as market leader.


Customer feedback and impact on sales

The introduction of Notino‘s new logistics hub in Telgate has generated extremely positive feedback from customers. Reduced delivery times and increased order accuracy have significantly improved customer satisfaction, reflected in a significant increase in sales. Feedback gathered through reviews and surveys show appreciation for the speed and reliability of the service, aspects that have helped to strengthen customer loyalty to the Notino brand.


Acknowledgements and awards received

The innovation and efficiency of Notino‘s warehouse, designed and built in collaboration with AKNO Group, have received significant awards in the logistics and e-commerce sector. These awards underline the excellence achieved in the management of logistics flows and the implementation of advanced technological solutions, confirming Notino’s role as an innovative leader in the beauty online market.

Plans for further improvements and expansions

On the strength of its success, Notino is not stopping there. The company is already planning further investments to improve and expand the logistics capabilities of the Telgate warehouse. These plans include the introduction of new technologies for the automation and optimisation of logistics flows, as well as the physical expansion of the warehouse to support the continued growth in sales volume. The goal is to maintain and exceed standards of service excellence, preparing the company to meet the future challenges of the e-commerce market.

The positive response from customers and the accolades received are testimony to the transformative impact of Notino‘s new logistics hub. These results confirm the effectiveness of the strategy adopted, but also open the way to new opportunities for growth and innovation, further consolidating Notino’s position as a benchmark in the beauty e-commerce sector.


FAQ AKNO Telgate for Notino

How did Notino’s logistics influence the pandemic?

The pandemic accelerated the transition to e-commerce, significantly increasing the order volumes handled by Notino. This required an appropriate logistical response to maintain high service standards, despite the challenges imposed by restrictions and increased demand. The strategy adopted included optimising logistics flows and implementing advanced technology in the Telgate warehouse, thus ensuring continuity and operational efficiency.


What are the main advantages of automation in the Telgate warehouse?

Automation in the Telgate warehouse, designed by AKNO Group, has brought numerous benefits, including:

  • Operational efficiency: reducing order preparation time and minimising errors.
  • Scalability: ability to handle peaks in demand without compromising service quality.
  • Customisation: improvement in the handling of customised orders, thanks to the accuracy of automated systems.
  • Sustainability: reducing the ecological footprint through optimised processes and lower resource consumption.


How does Notino manage the wide variety of products in its assortment?

Thanks to the intelligent warehouse design of AKNO Telgate and the use of advanced technology, Notino is able to efficiently manage a wide assortment of products. The intelligent warehouse system enables precise categorisation of articles and efficient picking, ensuring that every product, from the smallest accessory to the most complex beauty kits, is stored and managed in the most appropriate way. This system guarantees not only maximum efficiency in logistical flows but also a high level of customer satisfaction due to fast and accurate deliveries.

Our answers to these FAQs highlight how Notino, in the Telgate business park set up by AKNO Group, has been able to meet the logistical challenges imposed by the pandemic and the evolution of the e-commerce market by adopting innovative solutions that have improved operational efficiency and offered a service of excellence to its customers.


Key Points

In this article, we explore the innovative journey undertaken by Notino in the AKNO Business Park in Telgate, to address and overcome the logistics challenges in the beauty e-commerce sector. The creation of the intelligent warehouse in Telgate represents a turning point, not only for Notino but for the entire industry, demonstrating how innovation and automation are key to meeting the needs of a rapidly evolving market.


The importance of innovation in e-commerce logistics

The implementation of advanced logistics solutions, such as the Telgate warehouse, highlights the crucial importance of innovation to maintain competitiveness in the e-commerce market. The ability to effectively manage complex logistics flows and growing sales volumes is essential to guarantee customer satisfaction and sustain the company’s growth.


AKNO Group’s contribution to Notino’s success

AKNO Group played an important role in the success of the project. AKNO Group’s design enabled Notino to create a warehouse that not only meets current needs, but is also ready to adapt to future market challenges. This proactive approach to logistical innovation ensures that Notino can continue to offer an excellent service to its customers, consolidating its leading position in the beauty e-commerce sector.


The Telgate warehouse is an emblematic example of how the adoption of advanced technology and collaboration with expert partners like AKNO Group can transform logistics operations, bringing tangible benefits to the company and its customers. This experience represents a model for the future, demonstrating that innovation and efficiency are the pillars on which to build success in the dynamic world of e-commerce.


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