New Microsoft Data Centre in Milan on land acquired from AKNO Group

Written by AKNO Group

Dec 2, 2023

Microsoft apre data center a Milano Settala su terreno acquisito da AKNO Group

Microsoft’s innovative Data Centre in Milan Settala: AKNO Group’s hand in the road to digital transformation in Italy


In the rapidly evolving digital age, the exchange of data is no longer limited to the virtual realm, but finds a tangible home in the large facilities of the IT giants. Milan, in particular its metropolitan region, represents a central core of the Italian cloud network. A monumental addition to the city’s technological infrastructure is the Microsoft data centre in Settala, the first of three facilities promoted by the American technology giant in the province. With the bold commitment to invest one and a half billion euros over the next five years, Microsoft has strongly affirmed its belief in Italy’s potential as a global leader in the cloud sector. This article offers an in-depth exploration of the inaugural event and highlights the strategic significance of this monumental investment.


The inaugural show: Microsoft’s data centre in Settala


The inauguration day saw the convergence of eminent personalities representing various governmental bodies at the Settala data centre to commemorate this important occasion. Prominent participants included Attilio Fontana, President of Lombardy, and Vincenzo Esposito, CEO of Microsoft Italy. This event testified to the synergy between the private sector and the regional administration in catalysing technological progress in Italy.


Promoting Milan’s Digital Hub status


With demand for cloud services soaring, the imperative to invest in data centres to strengthen the digital infrastructure cannot be overstated. Data centres are the foundation of the cloud network and provide impregnable data storage, processing capabilities and seamless accessibility to colossal data volumes. With the creation of a state-of-the-art data centre in Settala, Microsoft has consolidated Milan’s central role as the main cloud hub in Italy, attracting businesses and fuelling a thriving innovation ecosystem.


Microsoft’s support for the Italian digital renaissance


Microsoft’s decision to allocate €1.5 billion to Italy over five years underlines the company’s unwavering faith in the nation’s burgeoning cloud services market. This strategic investment not only catalyses local economic growth, but also generates a plethora of job opportunities in the IT sector. In this way, Milan becomes a haven for technology companies, consolidating its position as a global technology epicentre.


The role of AKNO Group in this operation

A noteworthy aspect of this story is the central role played by AKNO Group: the Group, in fact, owned the land that was later sold to Microsoft, and thus played an instrumental role in bringing this data centre to fruition. The AKNO Group has always invested in land with high potential, acquiring land in strategic locations and making far-sighted investment choices, as happened in the case of the Settala area sold to Microsoft.


The opening of Microsoft’s state-of-the-art data centre in Settala marks an indelible milestone in the Italian technology landscape. This substantial investment reinforces Milan’s position as Italy’s premier cloud hub, attracting the luminaries of the technology industry and promoting economic prosperity. The harmonious partnership between Microsoft and local authorities testifies to the unlimited potential of collaborative alliances in promoting Italy’s digital metamorphosis. Armed with state-of-the-art infrastructure and an unwavering commitment to Italy’s technological future, Microsoft is diligently laying the foundations for an ever-expanding cloud ecosystem, guiding Italy towards a horizon of technological innovation.


FAQ – All the secrets of the Microsoft data centre in Settala


Microsoft apre data center a Milano Settala su terreno acquisito da AKNO Group

Q: How can AKNO Group be a strategic partner even without being involved in construction?

A: The AKNO Group has always invested in funds located on major thoroughfares and has a very attractive portfolio of land that can also be strategic investments for those clients who will then proceed independently to build their own business park.


Q: What is the main function of a data centre?

A: A data centre is a secure facility designed to house computer systems and storage infrastructure, providing organisations with reliable and scalable access to their digital resources.


Q: How does Microsoft’s investment strengthen the Italian infrastructure?

A: Microsoft’s investment not only strengthens Italy’s position in the global cloud sector, but also galvanises economic growth, promotes job creation and advances technological progress within the nation.


Q: Why is Milan crucial as a central cloud hub in Italy?

A: The Milan metropolitan area boasts a solid infrastructure, making it an ideal location to host data centres. Its strategically advantageous geographic positioning and solid connectivity contribute to its reputation as Italy’s central hub for cloud services.


Q: How does this investment align with Microsoft’s long-term strategic goals?

A: Through this investment in the Italian cloud infrastructure, Microsoft seeks to increase its market presence, provide advanced cloud services to both businesses and individuals, and promote digital innovation throughout the region.

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