AKNO Business Park Piacenza: a new chapter in advanced logistics with Patrizia SE

Written by AKNO Group

Oct 4, 2023

Veduta panoramica di AKNO Business Park Piacenza

Here are all the details of the sales agreement for AKNO Business Park Piacenza

The AKNO Group has made official the sale of its recent project, the AKNO Business Park Piacenza, a major logistics facility located in Roncaglia (PC). Patrizia SE, a distinguished real estate investment company, managed the acquisition through its prestigious fund, TransEuropean VII.


Features of the AKNO Business Park Piacenza

This Business Park is not just a simple logistics centre; it is a symbol of modernity and innovation. It covers a total area of 147,000 square metres, within which we find an impressive logistics complex of around 80,000 square metres. But it is not only its size that is impressive: there are wide traffic arteries, spacious forecourts and, not to be underestimated, extensive green areas that make the working environment pleasant and sustainable.


AKNO Group: always looking to the future

Completed in mid-2023, this logistics centre is the fruit of the hard work of the AKNO Engeneering&Construction division. This division of the AKNO Group specialises in the creation of turnkey buildings and distinguishes itself by always putting state-of-the-art technical solutions first.


The strategic location of AKNO Business Park Piacenza

The geographic location of AKNO Business Park Piacenza is strategic: positioned at the intersection of the A1 and A21 motorways, this makes it a neuralgic point for efficiently connecting cities such as Turin and Brescia. Moreover, being halfway between Milan and Parma, companies can benefit from 72 loading bays, as many as 121 parking spaces and 11 spaces for bilibuses all indoors, 419 outdoor parking spaces, and an architecture that allows a useful height under beam of no less than 13.70 metres.


The economic and strategic impact of the project

The creation and subsequent transfer of a logistics hub such as the AKNO Business Park Piacenza is not just a mere business matter. It is an investment that will have positive repercussions on the economy of the entire regional area. This project represents an important advance in the real estate sector, particularly in the logistics branch.


AKNO Group’s Vision of the Logistical Future

Alex Nuhi, Group Deputy Chairman of the AKNO Group, wished to share his enthusiasm and vision: “Once again, our corporate decision to make long-term investments in the most strategic locations for the development of logistics in Northern Italy has been rewarded, with properties that stand out from the rest of the market in terms of quality and innovation.  The sale of the AKNO Business Park Piacenza represents for us a tangible result that confirms the robustness of the logistics sector as a successful investment asset class.”


AKNO Business Park Piacenza represents a model of success, innovation and sustainability on the Italian logistics scene. With this sale to Patrizia SE, a new chapter of growth and opportunities opens for the area and the sector. Its strategic location makes it an ideal choice for companies seeking an efficient logistics base between Turin and Brescia.

With its numerous loading bays, indoor and outdoor parking spaces and generous useful height under girder, it offers a comfortable and efficient working environment. The economic impact of the project extends beyond the acquisition itself, benefiting the economy of the entire region.

The AKNO Group once again demonstrates its long-term commitment to the logistics sector for large Italian and foreign corporate groups, creating state-of-the-art facilities that stand out for their quality and innovation. The AKNO Business Park Piacenza is the new jewel in the crown of AKNO innovation in the sector and represents a safe investment for Patrizia SE.

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