Sprinkler System What it is: The Complete Guide

Written by AKNO Group

Aug 28, 2023

La guida agli impianti anticendio sprinkler di AKNO Group

Everything you need to know about sprinkler systems to sleep soundly


The world of sprinkler systems is not simply a fire-fighting technology, but a pillar of corporate asset security and a testament to a commitment to sustainable and responsible practices. If you are part of the industrial and property investment world, understanding sprinkler systems is essential.


First of all, the importance of Security

Safety and prevention are fundamental in every sector. In buildings, sprinkler systems are a crucial defence against fire. These systems are designed to automatically distribute water in the event of a fire, protecting structures and ensuring the safety of people inside.


What are Sprinkler Systems?

Sprinkler systems are active fire protection systems. When they detect excessive heat, sprinklers are activated, distributing water over the affected area.


Materials and regulations for sprinkler systems

For a sprinkler system to be effective, it must be made of high quality materials and comply with current regulations.

The materials used in sprinkler systems are as follows:

  • Steel: used for pipes and structures, in accordance with EN 12845.
  • Brass: used for nozzles, as per UNI 10779.
  • PVC: used for pipes in specific environments, in line with ISO 6182.

Compliance with regulations ensures that the plant functions properly in an emergency and meets environmental and ethical standards.


The importance of ESG values in sprinkler systems

With the growing awareness of the importance of sustainable practices, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) has become a central topic. Integrating these principles into our industry means not only adopting systems such as sprinkler systems, but doing so, in a way that is responsible, sustainable and conforms to global standards.


Sprinkler Systems Prevent and Build Confidence

Sprinkler systems are not just a means to protect buildings. They are a manifestation of our commitment to a safer and more sustainable future. Investors today are looking for companies that not only provide returns, but do so in an ethical and sustainable manner. By adopting high-quality sprinkler systems, we are not only protecting assets, but also demonstrating a commitment to protecting the environment and the community.


The Value of AKNO Group’s Green Vision

If you are an industrial or real estate investor or if you would like to better understand how AKNO Group’s green vision can align with your investment goals, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Contact our office for more information. Your safety and commitment to a more sustainable world is our priority.

Your commitment to real estate and industry deserves the best possible protection. Choose security, choose sustainability. Choose a green vision for your future.


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FAQ – Frequently asked questions about sprinkler systems


What does ‘sprinkler’ mean?

“Sprinkler’ is an English term referring to an irrigation system. In the context of security, it indicates a fire protection system that uses water.


What is a sprinkler system?

A sprinkler system is a fire protection system that automatically releases water when it detects excessive heat, helping to extinguish the fire.


How do sprinkler systems work?

Sprinkler systems detect heat by means of sensors. If the heat exceeds a certain limit, the nozzles are activated and spray water onto the affected area.


Are sprinkler systems compulsory?

It depends on local regulations and the type of building. In many places, commercial or public buildings may need a sprinkler system.


Do sprinkler systems waste water?

When used correctly, sprinkler systems reduce fire damage by using a minimum amount of water to extinguish the fire.


How much does it cost to install a sprinkler system?

The cost varies depending on the size of the building and the complexity of the system. It is best to consult a professional for an accurate quote.


Can I install a sprinkler system in my house?

Yes, there are sprinkler systems designed specifically for homes. They offer extra protection in the event of a fire.


Do sprinkler systems use a lot of water?

Sprinkler systems are designed to use water efficiently, distributing only the amount needed to control or extinguish a fire.


Can sprinkler systems activate by mistake?

It is rare. Most only activate in the presence of excessive heat, so they should not activate for no reason.


How are sprinkler systems maintained?

It is important to make regular checks to ensure that everything is working properly. Consulting with an expert can help keep the system in good condition.


What kind of water do sprinkler systems use?

Sprinkler systems use potable water, but in some cases they can be connected to separate water supplies.


Can I integrate a sprinkler system with other safety systems?

Yes, sprinkler systems can be integrated with fire alarms, evacuation systems and more for complete protection.


How long does it take to install a sprinkler system?

It depends on the size and complexity of the building. It can take from a few days to several weeks.


Are sprinkler systems safe for pets?

Yes, sprinkler systems are safe and are designed to protect all occupants of a building, including pets.


What should I do if my sprinkler system activates accidentally?

Turn off the water and contact a professional immediately for an evaluation and repair.

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