The AKNO Group’s real estate expansion continues, with a major acquisition of over 32,000 sqm of slp in Origgio, in the province of Varese

Written by AKNO Group

Jul 3, 2023

Veduta dell'insediamento immobiliare di AKNO Group a Origgio, Varese

Find out how the AKNO Group is transforming disused industrial spaces into sustainable real estate solutions, expanding its presence in Northern Italy.



In the panorama of large realities that are shaping the future of workspaces, the AKNO Group emerges strongly. It is no coincidence that the AKNO Group‘s real estate expansion is one of the most talked about topics in the Italian real estate sector, especially in the strategic areas of Lombardy.


The importance of industrial redevelopment for AKNO Group

The recent history of the AKNO Group‘s real estate expansion has seen a special focus on the redevelopment of disused industrial areas. This is not only a redevelopment operation, but also an important investment for the future of the area and the local economy. We know that in the past industrial areas did not enjoy much attention from an environmental point of view. Today, fortunately, things have changed, and AKNO Group‘s investment presupposes upstream, and consequently prepares, substantial allocations of financial resources for the recovery of these areas.


A new chapter of AKNO Group in Origgio, Varese, Italy

As part of the continuous improvement that is the AKNO Group’s corporate heritage, its presence now extends to the Varese area, specifically to Origgio. The hub of activity in this area is the former industrial area of Novartis, a historic Swiss pharmaceutical company that recently moved to Milan.

AKNO Group si espande acquisendo un ex insediamento industriale a Origgio

AKNO Group expands its activities, by acquiring a former industrial area in Origgio, Varese

The total floor area exceeds 82,000 square metres and includes three main buildings on three floors each, totalling more than 33,000 square metres. The complex boasts large, modular conference rooms, several meeting rooms and a large canteen area, as well as, outside, a 16,000 square metre forecourt used as a car park for 500 cars.


A sustainable approach to real estate expansion: this is the philosophy of AKNO Group

This acquisition by the AKNO Group in 2022 was preceded by an environmental and road assessment, aimed at minimising the impact on the surrounding area.


In fact, the group intends to pursue sustainable policies in real estate expansion through the protection of eco-sustainability during the construction of new settlements.



Why the choice of Origgio is strategic

Geographical positioning plays a key role in this operation: located near Saronno (VA), the former Novartis complex is a short distance from the A9 Autostrada dei Laghi.


A forward-looking vision for the future

The AKNO Group‘s commitment to pursuing a forward-looking vision confirms its position as a leader in Italian real estate. The ability to combine real estate expansion and eco-sustainability is one of the distinctive elements of the company’s philosophy that make it a benchmark in the sector.


The AKNO Group‘s real estate expansion in the strategic areas of Northern Italy shows no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, it seems that this trend is destined to consolidate in the near future, thanks to the constant commitment of our board and management in the pursuit of the highest ecological standards.


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on AKNO Group’s perspectives on brownfield redevelopment and eco-sustainability


Q: What is the environmental impact of AKNO Group‘s property expansion?

A: The AKNO Group is committed to minimising its environmental impact during its real estate operations, through a thorough process of evaluation and adoption of sustainable practices, including post-acquisition, when rehabilitating properties.


Q: How does the AKNO Group contribute to the economic and social regeneration of the areas in which it operates?

A: By transforming brownfield sites into modern office or residential structures, the AKNO Group helps create new jobs and indirectly stimulates local economic development.

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