AKNO Group signs the new settlement at AKNO Livraga 3 Business Park for Hippocrates Holding

Written by AKNO Group

Jun 7, 2023

AKNO Livraga 3 Business Park by AKNO Group

AKNO Livraga 3 Business Park, an overview of its creation

AKNO Livraga 3 Business Park, built by AKNO General Contractor in the province of Lodi, is being developed rapidly and with the utmost attention to detail. Its construction will be completed by August 2023. Located in a rapidly expanding industrial and commercial area, this project covers an area of over 11,000 square metres, of which approximately 1,200 square metres will be dedicated to offices on over 16,000 square metres of land.


The project has been realised respecting the highest construction standards and using state-of-the-art technologies such as renewable sources for energy containment. The air-conditioning system adopted envisages the use of heat pumps with electricity production through a photovoltaic system. The principle of hydraulic invariance has also been followed to the letter.


Hippocrates Holding chooses AKNO Group Business Park

The facility will house Hippocrates Holding, a group that has established itself as the leading operator in Italian pharmaceutical retail and has chosen this site to improve the management of supplies to the hundreds of pharmacies in its chain, in anticipation of the group’s continued strong growth.


The facility is equipped with a robotised plant to ensure precise and efficient processing of goods. The strategic location of the plant in the north-east quadrant of the Livraga area, outside the town centre and close to the SP10 main road, was chosen above all for its proximity to the A1 Milan-Naples Autostrada del Sole motorway, thanks to which it is just a few kilometres from the Casalpusterlengo toll booth.


“With the structure we have built in Livraga, we are proud to make our contribution in terms of infrastructure to the growth of Hippocrates Holding, an all-Italian group in its long-term industrial project, which with its network of pharmacies is already a reference point in the health sector,”

said Alex Nuhi, Group Deputy Chairman AKNO Group.


In summary, AKNO Business Park Livraga represents a modern and detail-oriented settlement that meets the needs of Hippocrates Holding and Italian pharmaceutical retail. Thanks to its strategic location and the technologies adopted, this real estate project represents an effective solution for improving efficiency in the field of pharmaceutical supplies.

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