International e-commerce company invests in the AKNO Group logistics centre in Telgate to expand its activities in European markets

Written by AKNO Group

Jun 5, 2023

AKNOGROUP allestisce il nuovo centro logistico e di smistamento merci di Notino, noto e-commerce internazionale chooses AKNO Group for its new goods sorting logistics center


The Italian market has been one of the most profitable for in recent years. However, something was missing in Italy: a distribution warehouse to serve markets not only in Italy, but also in Portugal and Spain. And so it was that in May successfully opened a logistics centre in Telgate, at the AKNO Business Park of the AKNO Group.


This new business park is full of state-of-the-art technology, but also offers a pleasant working environment. The first customer parcels from Notino are already on their way, but the success of this operation was preceded by months of hard work by colleagues in logistics, HR, IT, the project office and many others.


Many people contributed to the opening of the new distribution warehouse. Industrial and trade logistics is a real team game, capable of putting teamwork, project management and project implementation to the test. Notino has chosen to invest in AKNO Group logistics, to make even faster deliveries and easily reach its customers throughout Italy, Spain and Portugal.


A key point in this project is the strategic location envisaged by AKNO Group. Thanks to its location in productive northern Italy and well connected to all international road directives, shipments by Notino will be fast and efficient, not only to Italy, but also to the Iberian peninsula.


Logistics is a keystone for the success of an international business

The importance of logistics for the success of a business demonstrates the strategic importance of the core logistics sector in which we operate. Investing in a new warehouse that lives up to its customers’ expectations is a cornerstone of the success of an international brand customer. It is not only a matter of satisfying customers from a CRM (Custom Relationship Management) point of view, but also an investment in the medium to long term strategy, given the now definitive awareness of people in online shopping.


Shipping is a key part of the online shopping process and today we speak of a real user experience. Customers must find the online purchasing process smooth and uncluttered. Too many stipulations and too many hindrances must be avoided, but behind the scenes it is also necessary to organise oneself to be able to cope with all possible misunderstandings that may occur in terms of warehouse management.

Telgate represents a new logistics success story for AKNO Group.

Here is the statement by Alex Nuhi, Group Deputy Chairman Akno Group:

“Thank you to Notino for your trust and for joining our customers. I am sure that our business park, characterised by its strategic location and uncommon quality in Italy, will be able to contribute to the growth of this fantastic brand’.

AKNOGROUP allestisce il nuovo centro logistico e di smistamento merci di Notino, noto e-commerce internazionale

AKNO Group sets up the new logistics and goods sorting center in Notino, a well-known international e-commerce

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