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May 15, 2023

Pannelli prefabbricati ad alta tecnologia di AKNO Group

High-tech prefabricated panels: how to choose the best ones for your industrial hall

If you are thinking of building or renovating an industrial shed, you know that one of the most important aspects to consider is the choice of materials to use. Of the various options available, prefabricated panels are an increasingly popular solution for their quality, strength, insulation and sustainability. But how do you choose the prefabricated panels best suited to your needs? What are the criteria to follow to ensure maximum performance and comfort? In this article, we will explain how to find your way around the different types of prefabricated panels and the advantages of opting for high-tech ones.


What is a prefabricated panel?

A prefabricated panel is a building element manufactured in a factory and then transported and assembled on site. Prefabricated panels can be used to make the walls, floors, ceilings and roofs of industrial halls, ensuring greater speed of execution, less waste and better quality than traditional construction methods.

Precast panels can be made from a variety of materials, including reinforced concrete, wood, steel, glass and expanded polystyrene. Depending on the material used, precast panels can have different mechanical, thermal, acoustic and aesthetic properties.


What is a high-tech prefabricated panel?

A high-tech prefabricated panel is a structural element manufactured in a factory using innovative materials and processes, which is then transported and assembled on site to form the walls, floors and roofs of industrial halls. Precast panels consist of an inner layer of reinforced concrete, an insulating layer of expanded polystyrene or rock wool, and an outer layer of concrete with customisable finishes. Precast panels can have different sizes and shapes depending on design requirements and can be equipped with holes for the passage of electrical and plumbing systems.


What are the advantages of high-tech precast panels?

High-tech prefabricated panels are those that offer the best performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, fire resistance, durability and environmental sustainability. These panels are made of innovative materials and certified production processes, which guarantee greater energy efficiency and lower emissions of harmful substances.

Among the high-tech prefabricated panels, we can mention those certified by AKNO Group Business Parks, a leading company in the field of standardised industrial hall construction. AKNO Group Business Parks uses prefabricated reinforced concrete panels with photocatalytic properties, which, thanks to the combined action of the sun’s rays and the use of special concretes, help decompose pollutants produced by industrial activity. The panels used in the construction of all our AKNO Business Parks guarantee high thermal and acoustic insulation, natural and uniform climate control, and low energy consumption.


How to choose the most suitable high-tech prefabricated panels for your industrial hall?

In order to choose the most suitable high-tech prefabricated panels for your industrial hall, a number of factors must be taken into account, including:

  • The size and shape of the hall
  • The type of activity taking place inside
  • The climate and sun exposure of the area
  • The budget available
  • Current safety and energy-saving regulations

If you are looking for an innovative and sustainable solution for the construction of industrial halls, high-tech prefabricated panels are the answer for you. In this article, we will explain why you should choose prefabricated panels for the construction of business parks, what the advantages are in terms of insulation, insulation, energy saving and quality of materials, and who the leading companies in the prefabricated panel sector in Italy are.


What are the advantages of high-tech prefabricated panels?

High-tech prefabricated panels offer numerous advantages over traditional masonry or steel construction systems. Let us look at some of them:

  • Isolation: prefabricated panels provide high thermal and acoustic insulation, thanks to the thickness and quality of the insulation layer. This means less heat loss in the winter and less overheating in the summer, with a consequent reduction in energy consumption for heating and cooling the interior spaces.
  • Insulation: prefabricated panels are resistant to fire, humidity, weathering and chemical and biological attack. In addition, some prefabricated panels have photocatalytic properties, i.e. they are able to decompose pollutants in the air thanks to the action of sunlight and special additives in the concrete.
  • Energy saving: precast panels help to improve the energy efficiency of industrial buildings, thanks to their ability to store and release heat evenly. In addition, precast panels can be integrated with photovoltaic or solar thermal systems to produce electricity or heat from renewable sources.
  • Material quality: the prefabricated panels are made of high quality materials, certified according to ISO standards and controlled at every stage of the production process. The materials used are environmentally friendly and recyclable, respecting the environment and people’s health.
  • Speed of construction: prefabricated panels make it possible to reduce the construction time and costs of industrial halls, thanks to their ease of transport and assembly. Prefabricated panels are in fact ready to use and do not require finishing or plastering work on site.
  • Customisation: prefabricated panels can be customised according to the customer’s needs, both in terms of size and aesthetics. In fact, it is possible to choose between external finishes of different tenors and colours, so as to give the exterior a completely customised touch.

We at AKNO Group are experts in the design, construction and realisation of buildings that are fully compliant and certified for compliance with all European standards for industrial and commercial buildings.

Our customers attribute our competence and reliability with a proven reputation. We have been in the market for over 50 years and can also construct industrial buildings on behalf of third parties, or we construct them and then certify and test them, prior to eventual resale or leasing to the entire real estate and industrial or logistics sector.

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