AKNO Business Parks honoured by Assolombarda Awards 2023 for its 25th association anniversary

Written by AKNO Group

Apr 24, 2023

La cerimonia di premiazione agli Assolombarda Awards 2023, foto dal sito di Assolombarda

The corporate recognition of Assolombarda Awards 2023 attributed to AKNO Business Parks repays for the commitment made

In 2023 AKNO Business Parks is celebrating its 25th year of membership of Assolombarda, the association of industrialists from the Metropolitan City of Milan and the Provinces of Lodi, Monza and Brianza and Pavia, which in terms of size and representativeness is the most important association of the entire Confindustria System. To celebrate its ‘association anniversary’, AKNO Business Parks was honoured by Assolombarda as part of the Assolombarda Awards 2023 – The emotion of doing business. In the setting of the “Giorgio Gaber” Opera Theatre in Milan, the first edition of this important associative event was held in March 2023 to reward the most innovative company anniversaries and business projects.

The prize-giving ceremony took place in the presence of local institutions represented by Attilio Fontana, President of the Lombardy Region, and Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, together with Agostino Santoni, Vice-President of Confindustria, and a number of leading figures from Italian industry: among others, Diana Bracco, Emma Marcegaglia, Alberto Pirelli and Veronica Squinzi.

With this event, Assolombarda wanted to celebrate the ability of local companies to grow and innovate; an area that produces 23% of the national GDP and is a driving force in the country.


What is Assolombarda

Assolombarda is the association of companies operating in the Metropolitan City of Milan and the provinces of Lodi, Monza and Brianza, Pavia.

In terms of size and representativeness, Assolombarda is the most important association in the entire Confindustria system. It expresses and protects the interests of 6900 companies of all sizes, both national and international, producing goods and services in all product sectors. And it employs about 419,000 people.

The association safeguards the interests of its member companies in their relations with institutional and local stakeholders active in various fields: education, environment, culture, economy, labour, civil society. It also offers specialised consultancy services in all areas of business interest.


What are the Assolombarda Awards

Assolombarda Awards is an initiative promoted by the Assolombarda Association to reward the most innovative companies and business projects in the Lombardy Region every year.

Through the Awards, Assolombarda wishes to celebrate and reward the ability of local companies to grow and innovate. With this spirit, the best projects that have distinguished themselves in different categories are awarded: sustainability, digitalisation, performance, design, responsibility and culture, all strategic assets for future competitiveness.

Stemma ufficiale degli Assolombarda Awards 2023

Hundreds of applications were received this year and assessed by the scientific committee, chaired by Ferruccio De Bortoli and composed of Mirja Cartia d’Asero (CEO of Gruppo 24 Ore), Giuseppe De Bellis (Director of Sky TG24), Claudia Parzani (President of Borsa Italiana) and Ferruccio Resta (President of the Conference of Italian University Chancellors).

The evening was an opportunity to thank the companies celebrating, this year, the most significant milestones of their membership of Assolombarda: 68 companies, in particular, were awarded for 25 years, including AKNO Business Parks; 20 for 50 years. Six historical companies also received, in the presence of the President, Alessandro Spada, the Vice-President in charge of Organisation, Development and Marketing, Alvise Biffi, and the General Manager, Alessandro Scarabelli, an award for their 75 years of membership.

Assolombarda official website


What are the requirements to participate in the Assolombarda Awards

  • The Assolombarda Awards are open to all Assolombarda member companies that are based in Lombardy and have an annual turnover of more than EUR 2 million.
  • Participation in the award is free of charge and takes place by filling in an online form available on the official Assolombarda
  • Companies wishing to participate must present an innovative project or good business practice that has led to concrete results in terms of economic growth, sustainable development, technological or social innovation.
  • The submitted project must have been implemented in the year preceding the application and must be documented with quantitative and qualitative data.
  • A jury of industry experts will evaluate the submitted projects and select the finalists on the basis of their originality, effectiveness and sustainability.
  • The winners of the Assolombarda Awards are announced each year at an official ceremony and receive public recognition for their contribution to innovation and economic development in Lombardy. This year the award was in its first edition.


The role of Assolombarda Awards in business innovation and development

  • The Assolombarda Awards are an important opportunity for companies to highlight their commitment to innovation and development, not only locally but also nationally and internationally.
  • By participating in the award, companies can compare themselves with others in the industry, exchange ideas and best practices, and access new business and networking opportunities.
  • The Assolombarda Awards are also a prestigious recognition for companies that stand out for their ability to innovate and create value for the region and society as a whole.
  • Finally, the award is an incentive for companies to continue investing in research, development and innovation, thus contributing to the country’s economic growth and the creation of new jobs.

About AKNO Group

The AKNO Group has been active in the civil and industrial real estate and construction market since 1971, carrying out and managing industrial and logistics projects globally. It consists of five divisions:

  • AKNO Business Parks, which deals with the implementation and management of industrial projects and logistics parks
  • AKNO Engineering & Construction for the design and construction of turnkey buildings.
  • AKNO Energy for the development of energy-saving solutions.
  • AKNO Hotels for the construction of fine hotels.
  • AKNO Management Services for property care and facility management.

In 2021, the AKNO Group celebrated its 50th year in business.

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