100,000 sqm of covered area in Fombio: AKNO Group starts redevelopment of a large brownfield site.

Written by AKNO Group

Feb 23, 2023

Focusing on regeneration, AKNO Group’s new project is starting in Fombio (LO).
Demolition, reclamation and redevelopment work has started in these weeks on a large brownfield formerly occupied by a disused industrial plant on which the new state-of-the-art Business Park signed by AKNO Group will rise in the coming months.

The new AKNO Fombio Business Park will have a slp of about 100,000 square meters and cover a land area of 187,000 square meters.
The AKNO Business Park is located in Fombio and will be equipped with very high technical performance facilities and systems, and will be completely fenced and with a single 24-hour guarded entrance. It will also have all the necessary features to provide safety and operational efficiency. In the interior, skylights will provide natural lighting and ventilation.

The strategic location of this new development is, as always, a crucial point: located in the manufacturing area of Fombio, as part of a long-established production context, it will be directly connected to State Road 9 (Via Emilia) and near the “Casalpusterlengo” and “Basso Lodigiano” toll booths of the A1 Milan-Bologna Highway.

Like all the Business Parks created by the AKNO Group, this project complies with the highest international standards, respect for the environment and will be LEED certified, confirming the AKNO Group’s positioning in the segment of construction excellence, always with special attention turned to the development of sustainable logistics.

With this investment, AKNO Group confirms its ongoing commitment to sustainability, with the goal of preserving agricultural land through the rehabilitation of brownfield sites.
The creation of a sustainable Business Park is a big step in the growth of manufacturing activities in the area. The creation of this Business Park will not only create jobs, but also help revitalize the community by attracting new businesses and bringing people and workers back to the area.


Discover the new AKNO Business Park in Fombio: https://fombio.aknogroup.com/

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