AKNO Broni 6 Business Park acquired by a leading international fund.

Written by AKNO Group

Apr 8, 2022

The sale by AKNO Group of AKNO Broni 6 Business Park has been concluded these days.

AKNO Broni 6 Business Park represents a portion of the vast pre-existing logistics park signed by AKNO Group, which has built it in stages, progressively expanding the area and thus creating one of the most important reference poles for major logistics companies, right in front of the A21 Torino/Piacenza/Brescia motorway at the Broni-Stradella exit. After other success stories, the AKNO Group‘s strategy of building business parks in the most important logistics hubs in northern Italy is thus continuing and consolidating.

The AKNO Broni 6 Business Park, which opened its gates a few months ago, is an excellent example of Made in Italy logistics infrastructure. It was built by AKNO Engineering & Construction with the greatest attention to eco-sustainability in both the construction and management of the building. The use of alternative energy sources, new solutions for water supply and waste reduction are the cutting-edge solutions that identify the AKNO Group in the design and construction of all its logistics buildings following the criteria of the BREEAM philosophy.

“The sale of the AKNO Broni 6 Business Park,” said Alex Nuhi, Group Deputy Chairman of AKNO Group, “confirms the great interest of international investors in the Italian logistics market. In recent years we have focused a lot, and continue to do so, on high-growth areas. This choice, and the realisation of projects that meet all the standards required by today’s market, represents a high added value that is turning into tangible results. The handover of one of our Business Parks in Broni is confirmation of this”.

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