AKNO Group starts the works for the new building in Telgate.

Written by AKNO Group

Jan 12, 2022

Located in a strategic position near the A4 motorway, AKNO Telgate Business Park will be delivered “turnkey” in spring 2022.

One of the premium services offered by the AKNO Group, an operator specialising in developing real estate projects and logistics parks, is the implementation of turnkey architectural projects through AKNO Buildings. AKNO Buildings is the AKNO Group subsidiary that provides general contracting service and turns projects into reality, taking care of the client’s needs in person. This is how the new “AKNO Telgate Business Park” was born in the province of Bergamo, owned by the AKNO Group and built upon the clients’ request, to be delivered in the first half of 2022.

It is a state-of-the-art business park that will be built in the Telgate production area in an established manufacturing context.

The highly strategic location, close to the A4 Turin-Venice motorway near the Grumello-Telgate exit, is a crucial factor, as for all AKNO Group Business Parks. Work is scheduled to be completed by June 2022.

The project for the new centre envisages a total surface area of approximately 120,000 sqm. The new building, constructed in place of the existing one that has already been demolished, will occupy a gross floor area of over 65,000 m2.

Through AKNO Buildings and its large team of professionals and skilled labour, the AKNO Group guarantees to follow the projects in all their phases, from the preliminary analysis to the feasibility studies, from the quantification of estimates to the supply of labour, up to construction and delivery, with a commitment that translates into time, cost and quality, relieving the client of all worries, managerial and otherwise. The structures built by the AKNO Group are distinguished by their maximum versatility and attention to detail, with a special focus on eco-sustainability, both in the construction and in the management of the building.

Like all structures built by the AKNO Group, the AKNO Telgate Business Park will be equipped with cutting-edge technical solutions in terms of energy saving, with a view to both environmental protection and economic management. The heating-cooling system will use a heat pump; the photovoltaic system will produce electricity.

The rainwater collection system will use separate collection systems for the water coming from the roof of the building and the one generated by the paved impermeable surfaces of the streets and car parks. Rainwater from the roof of the building and the paved surfaces of the streets and parking lots will be collected in separate systems. In the case of the latter, it will be treated with sand and grease removal before being discharged into a drainage basin.

Consumption will be kept to a minimum, using solar panels and a sophisticated rainwater recycling system for the irrigation of the green areas.

The area comprising the AKNO Telgate Business Park will be completely fenced off and access will be allowed only through a single main entrance where a 24-hour security service will guarantee security and operational tranquillity.

The AKNO Telgate Business Park is only the latest in chronological order of the numerous Business Parks in Northern Italy signed by AKNO Group and joins those in Nogarole Rocca, Broni, Stradella, Settala, Caleppio, Livraga, Truccazzano, Carpiano and Cesate.

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