Start of operation of the new AKNO Broni 6 Business Park.

Written by AKNO Group

Nov 18, 2021

Built by the AKNO Group, the new state-of-the-art building further extends the existing Business Park.

The new extension to the logistics centre in Broni (PV) has been completed: the AKNO Group has officially completed the work and handed over the new AKNO Broni 6 Business Park on a turnkey basis.

Like all AKNO Group logistics projects, the new Business Park is located in a strategic area for those operating in the distribution sector. The building is situated in Broni (PV) at Campo Viola, near the existing AKNO Broni Business Park signed by AKNO Group and acquired by the real estate giant Invesco Real Estate.
The location is highly strategic, facing the A21 Turin/Piacenza/Brescia motorway at the Broni- Stradella exit, in a context already renowned in the logistics market for its access to the motorway infrastructure of northern Italy. In the construction of each Business Park, AKNO Group always gives primary importance to the location considering the main communication routes, especially motorways. This is to facilitate the interchange of goods and the relationship between companies and the territory. For this reason, the locations of AKNO Group logistics parks are always linked to essential road junctions.
This new building in Broni also offers exclusive services, high-design architectural structures and lively, modern infrastructures. In terms of construction features, the buildings are all made with exclusively Made in Italy materials.

The design and execution of the AKNO Group Broni 6 Business Park were carried out by AKNO Engineering & Construction, the Group’s division specialising in the design and construction of  turnkey  buildings,  which  provides  general  contracting  service  and  turns  any  architectural project into reality, taking care of the client’s needs in person.

The structures built by the AKNO Group are distinguished by their maximum versatility  and attention to detail, with a focus on eco-sustainability in both the construction and management of the building. AKNO has always paid particular attention to the environment: like all the structures built by the AKNO Group, AKNO Broni 6 Business Park was also built with particular attention to energy containment and in accordance with the criteria of the LEED philosophy (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the world standard that commits construction companies to using the best technologies on the market in terms of the use of alternative energies and the reduction of waste, creating buildings that are as efficient and eco-sustainable as possible.

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