The construction site for the new AKNO Group logistics centre located in Piacenza gets underway.

Written by AKNO Group

Sep 15, 2021

Built by AKNO Engineering & Construction division in a strategic location, the new AKNO Piacenza Business Park will be ready by spring 2022.

Work has begun on the new construction site signed by AKNO Group, an operator specialising in developing real estate projects and logistics parks.

AKNO Piacenza Business Park, a new state-of-the-art industrial building that will become an important logistics centre, will be built in Roncaglia (PC): a strategic location, along Provincial Road 10 (Padana Inferiore) just 5 km from the Piacenza Sud exit of the A1 Milan/Naples motorway. Completion is scheduled for spring 2022.

The project envisages the construction of a new logistics centre covering an area of approximately 147,000 sqm. Here, a logistics building will be erected, covering an area of about 80,000 sqm.

AKNO Piacenza Business Park will be completely fenced in and internally equipped with wide roads, squares and green areas. Traffic will flow circularly around the logistics park, and access will be allowed through a single main entrance where a 24-hour surveillance service will guarantee security and operational tranquillity.

Special attention will also be paid to the environment, reducing the impact of the building on the surrounding landscape by planting tall trees and shrubs along the boundaries of the logistics park. Moreover, like all the structures built by AKNO Group, the AKNO Piacenza Business Park will be equipped with state-of-the-art technical solutions in terms of energy efficiency and design, as well as being highly functional.

Particular attention is paid to eco-sustainability, both in the construction phase and in the management of the logistics park through the certification of the building according to the BREEAM environmental protocol.

AKNO Group, through its AKNO Business Park division, has always stood out for the construction of modern, innovative and aesthetically pleasing poles, bringing a new concept of industrial area to Italy and the industry. The Business Parks created by AKNO Group are designed, built and delivered on a turnkey basis – with lease agreements – to global and local customers with different profiles and operational needs. They house distribution centres, warehouses and storage facilities, commercial premises, logistics areas, hotels and green areas within a single complex. They are built according to the most modern dictates of energy efficiency and design and are planned to be welcoming and functional and usable.

This new property in Piacenza will also offer exclusive services, high-design architecture and a lively, modern infrastructure.

The design and execution of the AKNO Piacenza Business Park are entrusted to AKNO Engineering & Construction, the division of AKNO Group specializing in the design and construction of turnkey buildings of all kinds. AKNO Engineering & Construction provides a General Contractor service and puts any architectural project into reality, dealing personally with the client’s needs. It follows the projects in all their phases, from the preliminary analysis to the feasibility studies, from the quantification of the estimates to the supply of labour, up to construction and delivery, with a commitment that translates into time, cost and quality, relieving the client of all worries, managerial and otherwise. Thanks to a large team of professionals and skilled labour, it is able to provide specific resources for targeted problem-solving.

The AKNO Piacenza Business Park is only the latest in chronological order of the numerous Business Parks successfully implemented by AKNO Group in Northern Italy, after those in Livraga, Cesate, Broni, Truccazzano, Carpiano, Settala, Caleppio, Tribiano and Stradella.

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