AKNO’s plans for new business parks

Written by AKNO Group

May 25, 2021

Nuovi business parck AKNO

Looking ahead with AKNO

AKNO is a leading company in the industrial logistics sector with 50 years of experience. It has built numerous functional and efficient structures to provide the essential link between companies and the market in the logistics sector. In a period of significant change such as the one we are currently experiencing, the imperative we feel to propose, based on our history, is to look ahead and face new challenges for growth.

We are embarking on new projects to construct two business parks, our iconic structures where offices, warehouses and commercial premises come together to offer businesses a complete service that strengthens their brand identity and allows their employees to work in comfortable environments.

The strengths of our logistics parks lie in the fact that offices, warehouses and services all meet in a single fenced and guarded area, in the attention to eco-sustainable architecture and in the creation of pleasant places to work. Good Italian taste is combined with the best construction techniques to create structures in harmony with those who work inside and with the surrounding environment.

For us, excellence means building in full environmental sustainability, inspired by the principles of the LEED protocol (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), which establishes best practices for site management, energy-saving solutions and the choice of materials that best respect the environment that surrounds us and that we will leave to those who come after us.

Precisely because we believe that it is important for everyone to look ahead, we are working on two new business parks, located respectively in Piacenza and Settala (MI), which are engaging our best professionals to build functional structures for the needs of our client companies.

As is our company policy, these will be turnkey projects whose management, even after the delivery to the client, will be economical and straightforward, thanks to our experience in creating efficient solutions with the best available technologies.


The new business park in Piacenza

AKNO is building a new business park near Piacenza in a strategic location, particularly suitable for industrial logistics in one of the most important hubs in Northern Italy. For this new logistics centre, we have identified approximately 147,000 m2 in the Roncaglia area, 5 km from the Piacenza Sud exit of the A1 Milan-Naples motorway, along Provincial Road 10, Padana Inferiore.

Here, in March 2022, a building of 80,000 square metres will be erected for industrial logistics in its various aspects, with areas dedicated to warehouses, others to offices and services for workers and companies. Around this building, there will be yards and green areas connected by internal roads. These will be particularly well cared for to improve the liveability of the working environment and reduce the impact on the landscape. In fact, after years of experience in the logistics sector, we believe that the quality and aesthetics of this type of working environment produce a series of advantages which, through the wellbeing of employees and suppliers, have a direct impact on the company’s image, reinforcing its brand identity.


A new logistics hub in Settala

The construction of a new business park in the municipality of Settala (MI) is another project in which AKNO is currently heavily involved. This is an area with a strong industrial vocation, well served by the new Paullese motorway and Milan’s Tangenziale Est (East Orbital Road).

The project stands on a land that has been acquired by Henkel, the giant German chemicals multinational that will be one of the tenants of the new business park. The plan involves the rehabilitation and redevelopment of several disused areas and the demolishment of the old production plant.

In this way, having freed up the approximately 53,000 sqm of land on which the logistics centre will be built, we are constructing a building that will use the best construction techniques, fully respecting the environment. We will adopt solutions that will limit energy consumption and, therefore, the environmental footprint of the site as a whole for the future.

The main building, which will cover about 20,000 sqm, will contain more than 4,000 sqm of offices, including new constructions and renovation of existing areas, and a guard area, with a flat for the custodian, of about 280 sqm.

As in all our business parks, the area will be completely fenced off and will have only one access, supervised 24/7 to guarantee the complete safety of workers and stored goods. It will include a series of green areas that will put this structure in harmony with those who live there for work and with the surrounding environment.

A new logistics centre dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector of excellence for a major international company will be built here.

Looking ahead: for us, at AKNO, this means continuing to build, creating eco-sustainable, efficient logistics spaces that are pleasant to live in, in the best tradition of Italian architecture.

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