The construction site for the new “AKNO Settala 2 Business Park” signed by AKNO Group has started.

Written by AKNO Group

May 24, 2021

The construction works for the new Business Park, destined to become a logistics centre of excellence, have started in Settala.

AKNO Group, an operator specialising in developing real estate projects and logistics parks, has started the new project named “AKNO Settala 2 Business Park“.

The logistics centre will be built in Settala (MI) municipality in a consolidated production area in a strategic position: the access will be possible from the new Paullese highway S.S. no. 415, near the new junction located in Caleppio di Settala. It is also easily accessible from the Paullo exit of the A58 motorway – T.E.M./ Tangenziale Est Esterna di Milano and from Provincial Road S.P. No. 39 “Cerca”.

The project involves the construction of a new logistics hub on 53,000 m2 of land acquired from the Henkel Group, a German multinational operating in the chemical sector. The redevelopment and requalification work planned for this site is important: the project involves the recovery of the pre-existing disused area, with the demolition of the old Henkel plant, the recovery of the disused areas and the reconstruction of a new logistics centre dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector of excellence for a major international company.

One of the tenants of the new Business Park will also be the Henkel Group itself.

As usual for AKNO Business Parks, the area will be completely fenced off. Access will only be allowed through one main entrance, where a 24-hour security service will ensure security and operational peace.

Demolition of the existing buildings is already underway, and the construction of the new facility will begin in the coming weeks.

The delivery of the Business Park is scheduled for December 2021.

Through its AKNO Business Park division, the company has always stood out for the creation of modern, innovative and aesthetically pleasing poles, bringing a new concept of industrial area to Italy and the industry. The Business Parks created by AKNO are designed, built and delivered to global and local customers with different profiles and operational needs. They house distribution centres, warehouses and storage facilities, commercial premises, logistics areas, hotels and green areas within a single complex. They are built according to the most modern dictates of energy efficiency and design and are designed to be welcoming as well as functional and usable.

General Contractor for the project is AKNO Engineering & Construction, a division of the AKNO Group specialising in the design and construction of turnkey buildings.

The structure that the AKNO Group is building in Settala has been designed with particular attention to energy containment. A heat pump heating and cooling system will be installed, and photovoltaic system will generate electricity to ensure total energy efficiency.

The AKNO Group pursues a green philosophy, with continuous research into new energy and water supply solutions to minimise the building’s impact on the surrounding natural environment.

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