AKNO’s new logistics centre in Nogarole Rocca (Vr)

Written by AKNO Group

Oct 28, 2020

The AKNO Group, specialised in developing real estate projects and logistics parks, has given the go-ahead for the construction of two warehouses that will be part of a large logistics-production hub in a strategic position south of Verona.

A new logistics hub is taking shape in Nogarole Rocca in the province of Verona; this is the AKNO Group’s latest challenge in northern Italy. After the latest projects in the Milanese hinterland and in the provinces of Lodi and Pavia (including the business parks in Broni, Stradella, Livraga, Cesate and Truccazzano), AKNO has now chosen another strategic area for productivity and business: Veneto, one of the richest and most innovative industrial areas in Italy.

As with all AKNO logistics centres, the new facility will be located in a privileged position with respect to the main communication routes, especially motorways, to facilitate the exchange of goods and the relationship between companies and the local area. More precisely, the logistics centre will be located less than 500 m from the Nogarole Rocca exit on the A22 motorway, the first motorway exit south of Verona.

The building project involves the construction of two warehouses on a total area of over 116,000 m². The size of the two buildings will be approximately 17,000 m² and 35,200 m² and will include about 6,000 m² of office space. The construction site has already started: earthmoving works are currently in progress, while the beginning of the building works will take place in November; the end of the works and the delivery of the turnkey logistics centre is scheduled for June 2021.

The two new warehouses will be part of a large logistic-productive pole in process of completion, where important brands have already settled: a Zalando warehouse is already operational and another MAN Truck warehouse will soon be added.

By building modern, innovative and aesthetically pleasing poles, AKNO brings a new concept of industrial area to Italy and the industry. AKNO’s Business Parks, designed, built and delivered to global and local customers with different profiles and operational needs, house distribution centres, warehouses and storage facilities, commercial premises, logistics areas, offices and green areas within a single complex. They are built according to the most modern dictates of energy efficiency and design and are created to be welcoming as well as functional and usable.

Like all the structures built by the AKNO Group, the logistics centre at Nogarole Rocca will be equipped with cutting-edge technical solutions in terms of energy saving, with a view to both environmental protection and cost-effective management. In fact, AKNO, in particular with its AKNO Energy section, has been committed for years to eco-sustainability and green building in line with the LEED Italia protocol drawn up by the Green Building Council Italia.

The Business Parks are designed and built to minimise their impact on the environment: energy efficiency is a guiding principle for the AKNO Group. By using solar panels and a sophisticated system to rationalise the consumption of irrigation and fire-fighting systems, consumption is kept to a minimum.

The two buildings in Nogarole Rocca will be equipped with fully automatic fire sprinkler systems, in compliance with current laws and safety codes.

The buildings will also be equipped with an LED lighting system. Low-consumption LED lamps are now widely used in all types of buildings and are an excellent means of reducing energy consumption.

AKNO always favours, in its design, the cheapest source of lighting on the market: natural light. By constructing skylights and large windows it tends to minimise the use of artificial lighting. By using transparent surfaces that have been created and positioned with the necessary design expertise, both the costs of artificial lighting and the energy consumption associated with it can be reduced extremely significantly.

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