AKNO Group builds new production centre in Belgioioso (Pv)

Written by AKNO Group

Sep 30, 2020

Polo produttivo Belgioioso

Work has begun on the construction of the first of two lots intended to house a modern and efficient industrial site, also from the point of view of eco-sustainability.

It will be a latest-generation production centre and will be built on an area of approximately 187,000 m² in the municipality of Belgioioso (PV) which is already partially urbanised: the AKNO Group has given the go-ahead for its new project. The site will be located at Via Dante Alighieri 40 along Provincial Road 234 Cremona-Pavia. The location is strategic: as with all its projects, the AKNO Group has chosen an area that is easily accessible from the main communication routes, thus facilitating the exchange of goods and the relationship with the territory.

The project proposed by AKNO in Belgioioso involves the partial demolition of existing buildings and the new construction, in two different execution phases, of two Lots, with a total gross floor area (gfl) of over 102,000 m².

The first execution phase has already started and provides for the construction of Lot 1. A new building will be added to an existing one with a surface area of approximately 12,000 m², reaching a total surface area of over 55,000 m², divided into two parts identified as follows: building A with a surface area of approximately 30,000 m², and building B with a surface area of over 24,000 m².

Earth moving and demolition works started last June, while the construction of Lot 1 (building A and B) began in August; the end of the first construction phase is estimated for June 2021.

Once the first Lot has been completed, the project will continue with the second execution phase, dedicated to the completion of the settlement through the construction of Lot 2. This one will consist of a building adjoining Lot 1 in the northern part of the area and will have a surface area of approximately 47,000 m².

The architectural and technical characteristics of the project in Belgioioso are those that distinguish all AKNO facilities: the production pole will be modern, innovative and aesthetically pleasing, according to a new concept of industrial area. The logistics and production poles built by AKNO are built according to the latest energy efficiency and design principles and are designed to be welcoming as well as functional and usable. They house distribution centres, warehouses and storage areas, commercial premises, logistics areas, offices and green areas within a single complex.

The Belgioioso hub will offer exclusive services, high-design architectural structures and lively infrastructures.

Particular attention is paid to eco-sustainability, both in the construction phase and in the management of the building.

AKNO pays particular attention to the environment following the LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) philosophy, with continuous research into new solutions for energy, water supply and waste treatment, adopting cutting-edge technical solutions, with a view to both environmental protection and cost-effective management.

To avoid waste and keep consumption to a minimum, in the new centre a rainwater collection system will lead into two lamination basins located respectively on the south-west side of the area and on the northern border.

Moreover, AKNO Group is always attentive to minimise the impact of the building on the surrounding natural environment. To do that, the existing tall trees along the eastern and western boundaries of the Belgioioso site have already been retained. The aim is to mitigate the visual impact and accentuate the integration of the building into its surroundings.

The Belgioioso centre joins other important avant-garde logistics and industrial parks built by the AKNO Group in northern Italy, including those in: Settala, Caleppio, Livraga, Truccazzano, Carpiano, Cesate.

In the province of Pavia, in particular, a key junction between North West, Lombardy and Central Italy, the AKNO Group’s flagships are the two Business Parks in Broni and Stradella.

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