AKNO Truccazzano Business Park (Mi) delivered and operational

Written by AKNO Group

Mar 6, 2020

The new complex built in the Milanese hinterland by AKNO Group will be the logistics hub of a leading European company in the production and distribution of paper in Italy

The new logistics hub in Truccazzano (MI) is already operational: on schedule, AKNO Group has built and delivered the AKNO Truccazzano Business Park on a turnkey basis to the client, which operates in the paper distribution sector. The company, part of a European group, will manage from here the storage and distribution of its range which includes printing and office papers, packaging, visual communication media, software, hardware and inks for the production world.

Like all the logistics centres built by the AKNO Group, the new Business Park is located in a strategic area for those operating in the distribution sector. The building is in Truccazzano, about 15 km east of Milan, in a context already popular in the logistics market for its access to the motorways of northern Italy. In fact, the building is located in a consolidated productive context directly connected to the provincial road SP 14 “Rivoltana“. Accessibility is guaranteed by its proximity to the TEEM and Brebemi motorway support system, which allows connection with other motorway arteries in both east-west (A4) and north-south (A1) directions. When constructing a Business Park, AKNO Group always places primary importance on its location with respect to the major communication routes, especially motorways, in order to facilitate the interchange of goods and the relationship between companies and the territory. For this reason, the locations of logistics parks are always linked to important road junctions.

The new building stands on a 22,100 m² plot of land and occupies a gross floor area of around 11,000 m². Of this area, around 675 m² is used for offices and changing rooms, 413 m² for the fork-lift truck shed and 446 m² for a rustic deck.

The client and owner of the Truccazzano building is AKNO Business Park s.r.l., the division of AKNO Group that deals with the implementation and management of industrial projects and logistics parks for global and local customers with different profiles and needs. AKNO Business Park stands out for the construction of modern, innovative and aesthetically beautiful poles, which bring a new concept of industrial area to Italy, and to the sector. The execution was entrusted to the general contractor Ratina Costruzioni. The work was completed on schedule, in less than a year. In fact, the construction site was opened in January 2019 with the construction of the sub-foundation piles; in June the building was handed over to the client for the setting up of the activity and, in July the delivery of the interiors took place. The client in fact has already been operating for a few months in the new logistics centre. In mid-September 2019, the external works were also completed, with the exception of only one last part, in the entrance area, which is currently being defined and completed.

This new building joins two other lots in the Truccazzano Business Park, existing and operational, built in recent years by AKNO Group and which have already been chosen by major national and international logistics operators.

As with all the buildings constructed by the AKNO Group, this logistics centre was built with particular attention to energy containment and in accordance with the criteria of the LEED philosophy (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the world standard that commits construction companies to using the best technologies on the market in terms of the use of alternative energy and waste reduction, creating buildings that are as efficient and eco-sustainable as possible.

The Truccazzano logistics centre is equipped with a heat pump heating and cooling system and produces electricity through a photovoltaic system, in compliance with the legal requirement that all new buildings must produce a portion of thermal and electrical energy using renewable sources.

Also, in compliance with the law, this Business Park puts into practice the principle of hydraulic invariance, the purpose of which is to regulate the management of non-contaminated rainwater in order to decrease the runoff to urban drainage networks and to watercourses in critical conditions. In the Truccazzano Business Park, rainwater from roofs and forecourt surfaces is collected in special lamination tanks and then released into a surface water body. The water from the tanks thus returns to the water cycle.


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