Livraga (Lo), the construction site for the new AKNO Group logistics hub gets underway

Written by AKNO Group

Feb 10, 2020

Livraga, the construction site for the new logistics hub signed by AKNO Group has begun

AKNO Group, an operator specialising in developing of real estate projects and logistics parks, has launched its new project: AKNO Livraga Business Park. As usual, the logistics hub will be located in a strategic position: facing the A1 motorway, easily accessible from the Casalpusterlengo tollbooth, it will be built on land in the Lodi area, in the municipality of Livraga (LO).

The project involves the construction of a new logistics hub on 130,000 m². The structure of the first building which will cover an area of approximately 50,400 m² has currently begun. Expansions are planned in the coming months and, the construction of further infrastructure and services will continue.

This first building which is already under construction in Livraga is intended to house an important international operator. The building will be equipped with an air-conditioning system to maintain a constant temperature throughout the building. Controlled temperature is essential to guarantee the integrity of the products in the warehouses. The area will be entirely fenced off, and access will only be allowed through one main entrance where a 24-hour surveillance service will ensure security and tranquillity.

The AKNO Group will provide its tenant with the turnkey business park. Through its AKNO Business Park division, the company has always stood out for the creation of modern, innovative and aesthetically pleasing poles, bringing a new concept of industrial area to Italy and the industry. The Business Parks created by AKNO are designed, built and delivered to global and local customers with different profiles and operational needs. They house distribution centres, warehouses and storage facilities, commercial premises, logistics areas, hotels and green areas within a single complex. They are built according to the latest energy efficiency and design dictates and are designed to be welcoming as well as functional and usable.

The structure that AKNO Group is building in Livraga has been designed with particular attention to eco-sustainability, both in the construction and management of the building. In fact, AKNO Group pursues a green philosophy, with continuous research into new solutions for energy and water supply to minimize the building’s impact on the surrounding natural environment.

Like all the structures built by the AKNO Group, the Livraga business park will be equipped with cutting-edge technical solutions in terms of energy saving, with a view to both environmental protection and cost-effective management.

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