The new AKNO Cesate Business Park is about to be delivered.

Written by AKNO Group

Aug 21, 2019

It will be the logistics hub for TrendColor, an Italian make-up manufacturer.

The countdown to completion has begun: in Cesate, in the province of Milan, the new AKNO Cesate Business Park by AKNO Group is almost ready for delivery. The building envelope is finished, the site is in turmoil as the last details are worked out, the building has taken shape and will soon be full of colour. The AKNO Cesate Business Park was built specifically for TrendColor, a third-party manufacturer of make-up, make-up products and cosmetics strictly made in Italy.

TrendColor is currently based in Caronno Pertusella, just a few kilometres from the area where the new AKNO Cesate Business Park is located. The new production centre will allow the cosmetics company to face new logistical and business challenges and  respond even more promptly to the needs of its customers that are the most famous make-up brands in the national and international market.

The Cesate Business Park is only the latest of the Business Parks built by AKNO Group in chronological order, after those in Broni, Truccazzano, Carpiano, Settala, Caleppio and Stradella. The construction site started a few months ago, and work is proceeding rapidly, in accordance with the timescales agreed with the client TrendColor. Rigorous timing is one of the main advantages of choosing AKNO Group as a partner.

TrendColor relied on AKNO Group as a partner specialising in the design and construction of turnkey buildings. Being both designers and manufacturers ensures the quality of the offer and responds in a timely and targeted manner to the needs, guaranteeing full support at every stage of the project up to delivery.

Like all the Business Park built by the AKNO Group, the AKNO Cesate Business Park is located in a strategic area: in the Milanese hinterland, in one of the country’s largest manufacturing areas, about 18 kilometres north of the centre of the Lombardia capital and close to the main motorway arteries. This is a plus for this structure dedicated to production, with warehouses, offices and services directly linked to the needs of the flow of goods.

In addition, the AKNO Cesate Business Park will offer exclusive services housed in lively, modern architectural structures; there will be everything you need to work at your best. In logistics as well as in production, a high-quality infrastructure gives a huge advantage to the business by outperforming the competition, improving the brand and motivating employees and partners. The area will be entirely fenced off and access will only be allowed through one main entrance.

The design and construction of the Cesate facility are attributed to AKNO Engineering & Construction, the division of AKNO Group specialised in turnkey buildings.

AKNO Engineering & Construction provides a General Contractor service and translates architectural projects into reality, looking personally after  the client’s needs. It follows the projects in all their phases, from the preliminary analysis to the feasibility studies, from the quote of the estimates to the supply of labour up to construction and delivery, with a commitment that translates into time, cost and quality and relieves the client of all worries, managerial and otherwise. Thanks to a large team of professionals and skilled labour, it is able to provide the specific resources for a targeted resolution of problems.

TrendColor is able to follow the advance of the project and the progress on-site day by day. Very soon it will be able to benefit from the turnkey project of AKNO Engineering & Construction and will have at its disposal the new Business Park with a full range of services.

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