What are logistics hubs and business parks?

Written by laura_copelli

Jun 29, 2019

Aree di ristoro di un Business Park, Parco Logistico

The evolution of industrial logistics

Until a few years ago, the main concern of business logistics was the management of warehouses in production sites. Later, the advent and development of industrial automation applied to logistics provided innovative solutions to the problem of the optimisation of the flow of raw materials and finished products within companies. Finally, the market’s most recent evolution, resulting from new distribution systems and e-commerce growth, has given rise to the need to build facilities for the receipt, storage and dispatch of goods completely outside production sites.

Thus, as a result of this change of focus and technological innovation, logistics hubs were invented. In other words, at present, the logistics and transport sector is mostly concerned with the optimisation of the logistics network nodes where goods are received and then distributed.

By virtue of its forty-year experience in the industrial construction and logistics sector, AKNO now offers an even more advanced facility than the logistics hub: the business park.

The business park is the most comprehensive and modern solution to the new requirements of logistics and management: it is an area rich in high-quality services replacing anonymous conglomerations of unused warehouses. Here, the new requirements of logistics are combined with the creation of value for workers, customers and suppliers, to boost the brand identity of the companies that invest in a business park. In a way, we can say that the purpose of AKNO business parks is to improve work quality by strongly motivating workers.


The innovation of AKNO business parks

AKNO business parks are large fenced areas with a single entrance, which can be easily monitored 24/7. Inside we can find state-of-the-art buildings with the highest technological standards in terms of goods storage and logistics and management offices, all surrounded by peaceful green areas.

Moreover, they offer a range comprehensive and high-quality services: hotels, restaurants and a number of relaxation facilities, such as gyms, swimming pools and shopping centres. These complex structures are also managed and maintained with the utmost care and professionalism by our teams of experts in various sectors, so that we can always offer a pleasant experience to all the people who visit our business parks.

We have thus overcome the concept of logistics hubs and integrated modern logistics warehouses with the best efficiency and safety standards to manage the receipt, storage and dispatch of goods, with stylish buildings for ancillary services.

The main purpose of these services is to improve the quality of life and work for both those who work in the business park every day, and the people who visit it for various reasons. Consequently, companies operating in these new logistics hubs gain excellent reputation by offering valuable services and thus make a key investment in their expansion in the global market.


In search of quality

The main goal of all stakeholders participating in the creation of a logistics hub, and, a fortiori, of a business park, is quality. Indeed, an industrial and logistics area with inefficient and unsafe warehouses, that are poorly equipped for the continuous and intense flow of goods of today’s market, can represent a serious damage for companies.

Likewise, poor-quality services, anonymous offices and mediocre or ever inadequate reception facilities can convey the idea of a sloppy and uninspiring company. On the contrary, those who work for you and with you must feel at the centre of the company’s efforts to create value, feel motivated to give their best and convey to other people the idea of a strong and competitive brand.

This is why it is important to choose quality and, more precisely, AKNO quality: we have been operating in the sector of construction, logistics and design for forty years. AKNO can build efficient industrial facilities that are technologically advanced in terms of safety and environmental sustainability

As for the latter, in particular, because of our commitment to the principles of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) framework, we have adopted a series of measures to limit energy consumption and self-produce energy. Thanks to the innovative systems developed by our AKNO Energy division, we not only make our contribution to protect the environment, but we also succeed in reducing energy-related management costs.


The importance of design and management

AKNO Italian taste for design and attention to detail, in particular in offices, relaxation facilities, green areas and hotels, can undoubtedly put our business parks on a completely different level than traditional logistics hubs. Indeed, thanks to our commitment to design, practicality and aesthetics, AKNO facilities try to project an image of high-quality, solid and modern companies that care about the well-being of their collaborators.

The different areas and facilities of an AKNO business park are part of a customised turnkey project, delivered directly to the customer. In each project, we examine not only the industrial facility’s technical and functional data, but also the type of areas and services to be added to the facilities specifically designed for logistics purposes. 

Indeed, to create a facility that is functional, rich in services and pleasant to work in, it is crucial to adequately balance all the components of a business park, relying on the forty-year experience of our company and the professionalism of our experts, who always conceive their project with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Finally, we cannot forget about management, which is essential to make both logistics hubs and business parks, which are even more complex, efficient and financially sustainable. AKNO can offer a wide range of effective and affordable services: surveillance, plant maintenance, care of green areas and optimisation of various services, such as catering or cleaning.

In short, AKNO is a leader in the evolution from logistics hubs to business parks: we can offer efficient solutions to help companies grow.

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