Investing in out of town hotels

Written by laura_copelli

May 10, 2019

AN Hotel Milano Sud Melegnano

Ample space and ample facilities

AKNO is famous for building business parks: large areas equipped for logistics and services, built with the highest quality of functionality and respect for the environment in mind and located in strategic positions near transport routes.

In business or logistics parks there are sometimes hospitality facilities, such as restaurants or other commercial activities. Increasingly, AKNO has decided to focus on this sector through its AKNO Hotels division. In fact, a hotel in a strategic position, located outside the city but close to it which is easily accessible and has ample space available has great potential.

First of all, the availability of large floor areas and so the opportunity to offer various additional services, such as different kinds of restaurants for different kinds of clients or a gym, make this type of hotel interesting as demonstrated by one of our most successful achievements: the AN Hotel in Milan South Melegnano.

However, a wide range of services could not, by itself, determine the success of a hospitality facility if it were not accompanied by quality management and constant attention to the well-being of guests to meet their every need.

In this article we will briefly examine some of the opportunities that open up for those who want to invest in an out of town hotel: the management of conferences and conventions, private celebrations and ceremonies and hospitality for business trips.

A convention: it’s better out of town

When a company wants to organise a conference or convention, beyond the quality of the speakers and the relevance of the topics to be discussed, it must take into account that the most significant aspect for the improvement of its corporate image is the impression of quality hospitality that the participants have.

A convention is certainly a very important opportunity for a company or an association to strengthen ties with employees, customers and suppliers or create new ones, but above all to strengthen its brand identity and give an image of solidity and strength.

Without an adequate hospitality facility, providing well-equipped meeting rooms, excellent restaurant service and designer rooms for those who want to stay on site overnight, there is no way to convey a positive overall impression for the event organisers. In other words, hospitality is a service that must be carefully chosen by associations, organisations or companies that organize conferences and conventions to obtain the best possible result in terms of brand reputation.

Finally, a location which is convenient for main transport routes is another very important aspect for a hotel to be successful as a venue for conferences and conventions. It often happens that delegates come from all over Italy and the world and that they need to reach the venue of the event, where they are also staying, with the greatest possible ease. AKNO’s long experience in business parks, with their strategic locations for roads, railways and airports as a key element, has provided a solid wealth of expertise in finding the best locations to address this issue.

 A hotel pool party 

There are many different types of location for an important ceremony, a private party, a corporate celebration or family party from the most elegant to the simplest, but there is no doubt that it is one of the key elements for the success of such an event.

In recent years, many people have already chosen one of our hotels to organise a celebration and they undoubtedly have some significant advantages. First of all that, they already have a purpose-built space for hospitality.

In fact, a hotel already has everything you need for a successful party: an efficient bar and restaurant service ready to serve a large number of people, elegant and functional spaces, both indoor and outdoor, such as the pool of the Hotel Ibis Style Milan East Settala, and rooms to allow guests who have travelled a long distance to rest without having to face the journey back immediately after the event.

We also focus on the quality of our spaces and services when organising a private or corporate party, or when celebrating an important occasion, such as a baptism or a wedding using the functional and eco-sustainable architecture of our hotels, as well as the careful and professional management of our staff.

Finally, a strategic location with respect to major transport routes, especially motorways, is also an advantage for this type of event. Being able to attract guests because they can arrive quickly and comfortably, even if they have to travel long distances, is certainly an important aspect when you want to organise a party in style, perhaps to celebrate a particularly important event such as a graduation.

Business trips

Although videoconferencing technologies, which allow fast connections with anyone in the world who has Internet access, are now fully developed and used daily by many companies, the number of business trips made in Italy is still really significant.

The reason that business trips are still common is perhaps linked to the fact that in order to pick up the most complex signals during communication, which go beyond pure technical data, it is necessary to see each other in person. In a face-to-face meeting, each of us forms impressions about the participants, both from a human point of view and also about professional competence, which often prove to be at least as important as technical and practical information.

Finally, some sectors such as the transport of goods or the need to carry out highlyspecialised work necessarily require the movement of workers who are, at least to a certain extent, frequently obliged to go on business trips.

AKNO hotels have a number of features that are much appreciated by those who are moving around for work: comfortable rooms, an internal catering service and the choice of other places to eat in the area, without having to move further afield, convenience for different means of transport and, in some hotels, a gym where you can go to relax after the working day. All these services make an overnight stay more pleasant and relaxing during a business trip and also improve the image of the company that chooses our hotels for this type of activity.

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