Invesco acquires AKNO Broni Business Park

Written by AKNO Group

Apr 18, 2019

AKNO business park Broni

A major investment in logistics

Since 1983, Invesco Real Estate has been managing investment funds that include both assets directly related to real estate and investments in equity and bond holdings in the infrastructure sector at an international level.

With 21 offices in as many of the world’s financial centres, Invesco Real Estate has more than $65 billion in real estate assets and concentrates solely on investment management, with no other financial activities that could conflict with its objective of maximising returns for its clients.

In short, it is a global real estate group with a great deal of experience and the objective of achieving maximum profit through careful selection of properties to invest in. For this reason, the fact that Invesco Real Estate has decided to purchase the recently completed AKNO Broni Business Park (Pv) is certainly a very welcome recognition of the quality of our work.

In the definition of the sale we also used, as advisor, GVA Redilco, which has been operating since 1971 in its Milan and Rome offices, in the Italian real estate market in the office, logistics, living and retail sectors. The advice of a leading Italian company in the real estate sector gave a guarantee of professionalism and great relevance to this sale, which represents the first acquisition in logistics in Italy for Invesco Real Estate.

The structure of the AKNO Broni Business Park

Located a short distance from the Broni-Stradella exit of the A21, this our Business Park was completed at the turn of 2018 and 2019 and represents a set of facilities of remarkable technical quality, capable of achieving excellent results in the logistics and retail market.

The AKNO Broni Business Park consists of four buildings, all in energy class A, covering a total surface area of around 150,000 square metres and benefiting in particular from a strategic position considering the communication routes in the barycentric province of Pavia, a key junction between the North West, Lombardy and Central Italy.

From the point of view of the construction characteristics, we chose to build a rather large useful height under beam, 13.70 m, which allows for particular flexibility in the use of spaces, both full vaulted and mezzanine. In addition, the load bearing capacity of the floor is 7 t/sqm to allow for the storage of large quantities of materials or the support of particularly heavy machinery.

AKNO Business Park has always been committed to building structures with the utmost versatility and attention to detail, with a particular focus on eco-sustainability, both in the construction phase and in the management of the building.

Fire safety, for example, is ensured by a system equipped with ESFR sprinklers, that is rapid response and early extinguishing, which fully meets both Factory Mutual standards and the design criteria of the US National Fire Protection Association, which are unanimously considered the world’s reference standards for fire signalling and extinguishing systems.

Like all the structures built by the AKNO group, the Broni Business Park is equipped with cutting-edge technical solutions in terms of energy saving, with a view to both environmental protection and cost-effective management. In particular, the four buildings that make up the AKNO Broni Business Park are all in energy class A to guarantee considerable savings in the amount of energy needed to heat or air-condition them, thanks to the thermal insulation of their walls, roofs and windows.

AKNO results

Without a doubt, the best way to assess one’s work is to analyse the results obtained thanks to it, and the industrial construction sector is no exception to this general rule. For a builder like AKNO Group, the main result is the appreciation by those who decide to make our facilities their place of work, or to buy them as a real estate investment.

In the AKNO Broni Business Park, which we have just completed, practically all the spaces have already been rented by some of the main operators in the logistics and retail sectors, and we are particularly pleased with this result, because we believe it is great recognition of our work as designers and builders.

Moreover, being considered the developer of an attractive investment asset for a logistics real estate giant such as Invesco Real Estate gives us great professional satisfaction. In fact, in the evaluation of an investor, there are a series of selection criteria that depend, directly or indirectly, on the work of us developers.

First and foremost, the reliability of the building from a structural point of view, which has a direct impact on the operating costs linked to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. In addition, design choices, such as the location, arrangement of spaces and their technical characteristics are also key elements in understanding whether a structure will meet with the approval of the operators who will rent it, generating a constant and secure income.

Finally, buildings with a high energy efficiency class, such as those in our Business Parks, offer the buyer the guarantee of being able to count on decidedly low running energy costs in the future, thus increasing profit margins.

On the other hand, already in 2016, the value of one of our Business Parks, the one in Trucazzano (MI), was recognised by the Los Angeles-based real estate investment giant CBRE Group, which purchased it through its subsidiary CBRE European Industrial Fund.

Being builders of structures for logistics and retail appreciated by large international investors, as well as by the operators in the area who rent the spaces, is undoubtedly a great satisfaction for us, who always try to do our best to create functional, solid and eco-sustainable buildings, to meet the needs of the business world.


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