Hospitality in the gateway to Milan

Written by laura_copelli

Mar 20, 2019

AN Hotel Milano Sud Melegnano

The importance and risks of business travel

Business trips not only mean working and having meetings in different places or visiting production plants but also having an experience that, although very important for the company and its image, can also become also a source of stress and dissatisfaction for the workers involved.

When travelling for work there is a real risk of being subjected to a series of annoyances that have the double negative effect of lowering productivity of the people involved and discouraging the practice of business travel.  

Business travel, in fact, is an essential practice for many reasons both in the production and in the commercial sectors. First of all, the value that is created by seeing an actual production process or concluding a business negotiation in person is constantly increasing as virtual communication becomes better and more widespread.

On close inspection, it is not a paradox to say that, in a business practice in which the exchange of information between organisations that are far away from each other takes place easily and virtually instantaneously, the value of a visit and of a meeting in person has grown out of all proportion precisely because it is often no longer strictly necessary.  In other words, travelling on business becomes a sign of particular attention for your business contact, whether they are a client, a supplier or a partner, and therefore creates important value for the company’s image.

On the other hand, being forced to experience poor quality free time away from work and to stay in often inadequate facilities isolated in rather dreary industrial estates makes this experience very unattractive and decreases the employee’s productivity and their desire to repeat the experience, thereby damaging the company.

For this reason, the AKNO group, through its AH Hotels division, is committed to building and managing hotels designed especially for business travellers, with the aim of providing a high quality service.  


AKNO rethinks business accommodation

With forty years of experience as a builder and operator of large industrial and logistics facilities, the AKNO group has long understood that the subject of business accommodation is central to the life of many companies.

Therefore, rethinking hospitality for business travellers means creating value for companies and offering a quality hotel that is an excellent place not only for business stays but also for tourists

What does it actually mean to rethink business accommodation? First of all, in our opinion, it means providing an aesthetically pleasing structure, paying attention to detail and which is functional to the needs of those who, rightly, want to rest in a comfortable, beautiful place equipped with the best comforts.

Moreover, the ideal hotel should never be isolated. Although it may be located outside the city, or in a suburban area, you can not think of offering a pleasant stay in a facility that does not have some good restaurants to choose from, a shopping centre to stroll through and go shopping or a gym to train in to relieve some stress in the surrounding area.

Finally, of course, a good hotel, which is suitable for both tourism and business trips, must be in a strategic location for transport links: it must be close to highways, public transport lines, railway stations and airports. In fact, none of us, when travelling for business or pleasure, wants to waste too much time on transfers and then be isolated from the host city’s professional, leisure and cultural points of interest.


AN Hotel Milan South Melegnano: an example of our style.

Now let’s talk about one of our hotels, the AN Hotel in Milan South Melegnano, located in an area which is particularly well connected with the rest of the city and the main access routes. Our hotel is located two minutes from the Milan-Bologna motorway exit, is about ten minutes from both the San Donato Milanese metro station and the Rogoredo railway station and is just a quarter of an hour from Linate airport.

For this reason, the AN Hotel in Milan South Melegnano is also very practical for those who have business appointments in the centre of Milan, for visitors to the city who come to participate in major city events, such as the Salone del Mobile or the Fashion Weeks, or even for tourists who want to visit the many cultural attractions and not just the capital of Lombardy.

The structure was built and is managed with attention to detail, love for quality and the practicality of AKNO and offers 52 design rooms, including two suites with a kitchenette, equipped with all comforts including free Wi-Fi access and air conditioning.

The hotel serves a continental buffet breakfast and in the same area, a few steps away, you can dine in three very different styles: the Zarinella pizza restaurant (also great for families and ceremonies), a restaurant of the major international chain Roadhouse, for fans of meat and the informal style of a hamburger and steakhouse and, finally, the Lodigiani fine restaurant, with its refined fish specialties.

For those who want to keep fit and maybe relax with a bit of sport, the SP 40 Gym is also available in the hotel area. It also organises various activities, such as crossfit courses and pilates sessions.

Our carefully selected and multilingual staff will also help you with all your needs,  organising transport such as shuttle services and taxis and orientation so you can enjoy Milan’s different opportunities according to your inclinations and your needs.

The AN Hotel in Milan South Melegnano is, in our opinion, a really excellent facility for business and leisure trips and offers a relaxing and invigorating stay, just a few minutes from the city centre.


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