What is a logistics or business park?

Written by laura_copelli

Feb 14, 2019

A fully-developed area for industrial logistics

Until recently, the main challenge for company logistics was the management of internal warehouses. Today, however, with the advent and development of automation and the diverse logistics solutions that have been designed and implemented to optimise the flow of raw materials and products through the company, a significant evolution of the market has led to the need to focus on the reception, storage and shipment of goods outside the production environment.

Many factors have led to this change of focus, but it is now clear that the key interest of the logistics and transport sector is the optimisation of hubs of the logistics network where goods for regional distribution arrive and are dispatched.

The business park is the most advanced response to this need for logistics and management: it is not a series of industrial buildings as modern as they are anonymous, but an area full of quality services where the needs of logistics in the strict sense are combined with the creation of value for workers and customers. It is a place where brand identity can be strengthened and the quality of work improved in tandem with workers’ motivation.


How is a logistics park organised?

A logistics park, or business park, is a large enclosed area that is accessed from a single entrance, which is carefully guarded 24 hours a day, and contains state-of-the-art facilities for the storage of goods, logistics and management offices with quality interior finishes, well-kept green areas, high quality hotels, places to eat and services for relaxation such as swimming pools and shopping centres. All these services are managed and maintained with extreme care and professionalism so that the best possible services are always available to customers.

It is, therefore, an integrated system of modern logistic depots, where the reception, storage and dispatch of goods are managed and also contains a wide range of ancillary service buildings designed to improve the quality of life of both workers permanently based there and those passing through with deliveries or shipments. It is probably not superfluous to emphasise how the provision of high quality services for a company’s employees and its partners is a key point to grow both the quality of work and the reputation of the brand and so constitutes a necessary investment for the growth of the company in the global market.


Quality, design and efficiency

If a company decides to invest in a business park, it must first ensure that the result meets its expectations in at least three criteria: the quality of the work, its design and management efficiency.

Like all major industrial building projects, a logistics park also involves the resolution of several critical issues from the point of view of the real quality of the facility, i.e. its functionality, security and complete usability. Moreover, a truly modern and avant-garde design cannot ignore the themes of environmental sustainability to create a building that, among its qualities, is green and exploits the most advanced technologies in the fields of energy and pollution reduction.

As we have mentioned, a business park is also a place that serves to strengthen the brand and its image towards workers, customers and suppliers and this is possible only if the structural quality of the buildings is combined with a particular care for design. In fact, the identity of a brand and its strength are also perceived, perhaps above all, through the intangible medium of design that gives an environment a particular allure that can not but reflect on the overall image of the company.

Finally, good management of a particularly complex facility such as a logistics park is a determining factor for its long-term economic sustainability. Since this is an important investment for a company, it must also be considered in terms of economic efficiency and this aspect can be kept under control only with careful management of routine and special maintenance and using systems and structures that consume as little energy as possible.


Trust AKNO

A logistics park, like any other man-made item, can be made well or badly. We can see low quality industrial depots, poorly equipped for a continuous and high flow of goods, perhaps even located in an area with poor services, anonymous and depressing offices and that dreariness that is, unfortunately, typical of too many industrial areas in every part of the world.

To avoid this risk for your company, with all the unpleasant consequences that this entails for your reputation and brand image, you can choose the industrial facilities of AKNO, which has been a leader in the world of construction and logistics for 40 years.

There are many reasons to choose AKNO, especially if you want to embrace the philosophy of a global approach to quality and environmental sustainability. First of all, AKNO is able to build complex industrial facilities with cutting-edge technologies from the point of view of both security and environmental sustainability. Moreover, the Italian taste for design and attention to detail, especially in relaxation areas, green areas, offices and hotels, gives your logistics park a special atmosphere that can profoundly convey the idea of a quality company which is attentive to its associates’ welfare.

All this, then, is included in a complete project, which is built and delivered keys-in-hand to the customer and which also includes a careful analysis of which areas and services to coordinate with the areas specifically dedicated to logistics. In fact, relying on AKNO‘s many years of experience, you will find the right balance between the different components of your business park, creating an efficient facility, full of services and pleasant to use for all the people who work there.

Finally, AKNO is also an expert in the management of logistics parks and offers excellent services for surveillance, systems maintenance and green areas and for the optimisation of all provided services in different sectors. Trusting AKNO, in short, means creating an important investment for your company with the certainty of being able to rely on proven experience and professionalism of excellence to grow your company.

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