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Written by laura_copelli

Jan 9, 2019

Business meetings: are they effective or a waste of time?

Let’s admit it: we have all been crestfallen, at least once in a lifetime, when we heard there was another meeting planned that we considered a waste of time.

We might have thought that we would have used our energy better just working, rather than talking about our work. We might have thought we didn’t want to listen to our colleagues talking about things we already knew or we didn’t care about.

A stream of words has been written about business meetings and the rules to make them helpful tools and not endless and boring rituals, absolutely ineffective on a practical level.
Business meetings must have a precise purpose and fixed and limited time. They must not deal much with sharing information; this objective can be easily reached with an email. They should open an involving discussion on the planning of future activities.

In other words, we can state that a business meeting must focus on the future and not on the past, on the sharing of new lines of action and not on the report of the performed activities. It must focus on the shared decision-making about how to carry out a project and not on the complaint about what has already been done and, presumably, could have been done better.

This shared planning clearly involves an analysis of the current situation and what has been done in the past, but above all it provides the participants with the best conditions to discuss peacefully and in a constructive way.

For this reason, the setting where a business meeting takes place, or the location for business events of all kinds, plays a very important role in the success of this type of business meetings.


Why building a hotel in a logistics park?

A business park, or logistics park, is an integrated structure in which offices, warehouses, meeting areas, business premises and relaxation areas coexist in an organized space, in a rational way.

Within these industrial hubs, on the other hand, the presence of a hotel seems absolutely natural, either to meet the needs of the workers on a business trip and to provide adequate and pleasant sharing spaces and places where they could rest.

As we said talking about business meetings, a well-organized and valuable location, which puts the participants at ease, is certainly an element of great importance for a successful meeting. A comfortable resting place, a relaxation area that allows you to reduce the stress or the presence of nice restaurants -a great reward after a working day- will make the various activities that take place in a logistics park a success.

Thus, the hotel integrates functionally in the broader context of the business park and it undoubtedly constitutes one of the most characteristic elements in terms of atmosphere and image reinforcement for all the companies that use this hub services.


A hotel for business events

It often happens that a location for corporate events is inside a hotel, but the chosen hotel position is not always suitable for the type of event hosted.

Moreover, the quality of the setting and the services offered may not be appropriate and compromise the corporate brand image.

On the other hand, AKNO offers a hotel for business events that provides green areas and tree-lined avenues, quality restaurants for all needs, shopping and relaxation areas, in a structure with high-rise safety standards and impeccable service.

According to our philosophy, a location suitable also for international business events must combine comfortable setting and excellent services and this can only be achieved through an organization based on complementarity and synergy among the different parts. For this reason, in our hotels we coordinate the services directly provided by AKNO and those entrusted to other companies, from different sectors, which offer our guests, for example, the opportunity to relax in an equipped green area, in a swimming pool or to shop and eat in excellent places.


AKNO experience for high quality location

AKNO is, first and foremost, a group that has been dealing with building and real estate for forty years and this experience in the construction and buildings management with high safety standards and low environmental impact is now at the service of our hotels realization.

First of all, the design quality, the materials and technologies used for construction guarantee solid structures and an arrangement of the spaces and volumes deeply in line with the functional needs of the building.

Furthermore, we pay particular attention to environmental issues, especially in energy saving, while searching for renewable energy sources to power our buildings and in the recovery of rainwater.

Furniture, on the other hand, is designed in a functional and elegant way, with the best Italian taste that achieves resounding success globally, to create a pleasant environment to live in, stimulating for business.

In conclusion, we can say that if the location is an element of primary importance for a successful business meeting or corporate event, then companies that want to excel cannot give up on the opportunity to be hosted in our business parks hotels.

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