Zalando doubles its footprint at Stradella.

10 January 2018

In 2018, Zalando, in partnership with Fiege Logistics, will double its presence at AKNO’s Stradella Business Parks, Stadella (PV). In fact, the company will increase its footprint from 22,500 m2 to 45,000 m2. With this expansion, Zalando will also generate greater employment opportunities in the area: it is expected that the number of people employed in the hub will increase by over 500.

As stated by Jan Bartels, Vice President of customer fulfillment&amp logistics at Zalando: “The expansion at Stratella is an integral part of our strategic growth plan in Italy and southern Europe, as we remain focused on improving the product offerings to our clients. Investing in Stradella will allow us to better respond to growing demand”.