AKNO Stradella Business Park, counts with over 1,000 workers.

29 December 2017

To date, our Business Park at Stradella (PV) counts with the presence of 1,000 workers daily, which increase to 1,500 during peak season.

The industrial park, situated near a major highway exit, has become a strategic point for large enterprises, who have chosen Stradella due to its unbeatable location.

The Stradella Business Park – Via Zaccagnini, is fully occupied and reports no vacancies. Our tenants include H&M – Xpo Logistics”, “Zalando – Fiege Logistic”, la “Città del Farmaco – Ceva”, “Columbus Logistics”,  and, most recently, “Vorkwerk – GDN Logistica” the producer of the famous ‘Folletto’, which has recently relocated from Bressana Bottarone.

The largest employer remains ‘La Città del Libro-Ceva’, Stradella’s first tenant since 2010, which employes roughly 400 workers and twice as many during the holiday and back to school seasons.