The Business Park in Stradella (Pv) increases to 170,000 square meters.

07 November 2017

The Business Park in Stradella (Pv), inaugurated at the end of 2010, previously the headquarters of “Città del Libro – Book City”, increases its size with 8 more modules for a total of 170,000 square meters. The Business Park in Stradella, located along the A21 highway (Turin-Piacenza-Brescia) at 300 meters from the “Broni-Stradella” exit, offers buildings made with the highest quality with a usable height under beams of 13 meters. The project was created with a careful eye towards environmental sustainability through the creation of solar panels on the roofs, using doors and windows with a thermal cut, the recycling of rain water for green area irrigation, maximization of natural light through the use of semi-transparent coverings and low consumption light bulbs. For more information contact us at +39.0295307256 or e-mail