CEVA announces the winners of the first Supplier Awards world contest.

15 July 2011

Ceva Logistics, a leading company in the management of Supply Chain, has awarded AKNO Business Parks S.p.A. As the winner in the supplier category for southern Europe, Middle East and Africa, at the first edition of the “Supplier Awards” prize, that was held on Thursday July 14th 2011. The event was designed to award the impeccable execution, commitment and strategic alignment of suppliers with CEVA. AKNO Business Park has been recognized for its extreme competitiveness, innovation and high quality of its buildings and property solutions that they’ve offered to Ceva. *In fact, they delivered new developments in record time, using eco-sustainable materials, supporting CEVA’s efforts for the environment. *The prizes were delivered in the beautiful location of Città del Libro (Book City), in Stradella (Pavia), Italy, where more than half of the books read in Italy are handled. The work done by a high variety of suppliers have been were evaluated and divided into seven categories, and AKNO Business Park was prized among these seven. The companies were judged based on: the values and social culture, the use of the best practices in its global operations, the carrying out of main projects that support Ceva’s business. The environmental sustainability and the activities for social responsibility.

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